Monkey with Extra Eye
Monkey with Extra Eye
Monkey with Extra Eye.

Funny iPhone 6 Extra Large

iPhone 6 Extra Large
Member reactions:
Like the arrangement of apps in that Old Radio good work shown
Double Woody congrats, GRM. I need one of these.
Great concept, awesome job, congrats on wood as well.
Definitely where they're headed.

Funny Jim Carrey with Extra Heads

Jim Carrey with Extra Heads

Funny Extra hours of work

Extra hours of work
Member reactions:
This is true whatever you do they will pay you the same so enjoy your life in extra hours
Very well said... extra hours you will get the same wage nice composition of the image and the gesture showing down is matching the title...
What can I say. another wonderful chop. Always on top of the game.
Congratulations Sunshine Girl. So, when will the E-book on Photoshoppery be released.
love the perspective, nice job Sun, Congrats..
Many thanks for comments and congrats Rajeshstar, Awesome69, Hohouse, Pcr, Boulpix is not new only I don't use Topaz Geri don't know, yet I don't have inspiration for writing a book. AzureSky, Salis again thank you so much.

Funny PAULA EXTRA-LARGE (with dog and bird!)

PAULA EXTRA-LARGE (with dog and bird!)
Member reactions:
Talented caricature, wicked looking fox stole.
Looks like an old classic painting, very well done swan nest on her top of the head and a squirrel very well done on this chop

Funny Plane with Extra Caravans on the Back

Plane with Extra Caravans on the Back
Member reactions:
The jet's nickname: Mother Goose good one.
Agggghhahahhahaahah, not that is economy class hahahahahahahahaha....

Funny The Cat in the Hat with an Extra Hat

The Cat in the Hat with an Extra Hat

Funny Music extra

Music extra
Member reactions:
Nice work, ya'v brought this together wonderfully.
Great blend. Golden colors of victory here - congratulations, John. And extra congratulations on your graduation from the apprentice contests. With 5 golds under your belt, it's time to play with the big boys.

Funny Extra time

Extra time

Funny Golf extra

Golf extra
Member reactions:
the reflection in the open door window needs to be fixed
not sure why inside are yellow but this still a nice idea... look like a Golfginni-Diablo
Creative entry. I like that you took a different path than everyone else.

Funny Extra Body Parts

Extra Body Parts
Create new and odd appendages for humans including new hands, new feet, legs and toes.

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