The Exterminator
The Exterminator
The Exterminator.

Funny Chaplin Rat Exterminator

Chaplin Rat Exterminator
Member reactions:
Good chop. But, continuity-wise, why is the exterminator shackled to a ball and chain. I like how you bridged the picture using the cane.
Good job done. Chaplin/Hitler panel is simple and strong.
Thanks for mentioning the Hitler panel, I redid the hair so it wouldn't be like Hitler. I didn't want to get disqualified.

Funny Billy the Zombie Exterminator

Billy the Zombie Exterminator
In his spare time quartermoonarts, hunts for zombies.
Member reactions:
Thanks "hidden" I'm very tickled to be sure.
Thanks,'re welcome Bill, glad you like it my friend.
Sweet Chop* The Raven is a nice Xtra touch.
Little blood, and the zombies work in progress scene is really good great detailing and well done with the crow

Funny The Exterminator Osama Bin Laden Greeted By Obama

The Exterminator Osama Bin Laden Greeted By Obama
Did you call the The Exterminator.

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