Barack Obama Exposes the Alien Takeover of the World
Barack Obama Exposes the Alien Takeover of the World
Barack Obama Exposes the Alien Takeover of the World. Member reactions:
Fabulously funny and looks just like him.
Its seems a multiple personality disorder obstruction Obama to execute the federal plans... great chop in showing an alien like face of Obama
I like the electric pole with sparking cables at bottom
The conspiracy is revealed now. Awesome idea and great executed, gold congrats Pcr.
Congratulations. One of your more memorable creations.
Awesome chopping. That alien kinda looks like Obama too Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy...I purposely gave the alien large ears to match.

Funny Megan Fox Doll Exposed

Megan Fox Doll Exposed
The teme inspired me to create such a thing, you never know what is under.
Member reactions:
hahahhaa Great one lvanromero keep going

Funny Man with an Exposed Brain

Man with an Exposed Brain
My first entry into the 'Freak Show'. Thought I'd start by using the word 'freak' as inspiration.
Member reactions:
Excellent work, - love the black eyes and the lizard skin, and of course the braaaaaaaaaains.

Funny Newsweek expose

Newsweek expose
Tom gets up to all sorts of capers.
Member reactions:
and he thought it would all go away with his resignation...
Special Edition: All about the mishaps, Tom Delay

Funny Obama Exposed on Newspaper Cover

Obama Exposed on Newspaper Cover
These two, I swear..
Member reactions:
great reading material, bet he wipes with it too.
Need to do a better doctoring job on the magazine - make the picture of Obama look like its a part of the magazine and not floating on top.
The concept is a gem, but I agree with bostontt on the execution. Also please cover up Britney - we can't allow explicit images even resized
I edited the crotch shot for you this time. Please be aware all images have to be safe for work, which means no exposed genitals.
Ha, thanks for the constructive criticism, still pretty new to this. Unofortunately only using 7.0. And I'll make sure there's a little less Britney next time.

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