Explosive Musical Boom Chimes
Explosive Musical Boom Chimes
Explosive Musical Boom Chimes. Member reactions:
Very clever, Hidden. That's what I call "playing with disaster."
Super sharp n clean. Wooden Congratulations Hits
Congrats, Hitspinner. Most explosive weapon in the contest.
congrats Spinner. clean and clever work. every reality soap could use of these devices, hehe..

Funny Explosive Maracas

Explosive Maracas

Funny Michelle Obama Jumping Rope in Explosives

Michelle Obama Jumping Rope in Explosives
It seems Michelle Obama is one of the people who refuses to heed warnings.
Member reactions:
Looks like Michelle has lived up to the slogan "Rules are meant to be broken" I like the baggy pants you have given her Cool stuff.
Congratulations Doc. Funny Stuff, as always. Wish I could think funny like that.
Splat...think "silly" or "absurd" and then ideas will come to you. Let your mind wander and make each element part of "the joke."
Thanks for the advice Doc. I'll work at it. But I do believe it's not work for you, but instead a gift.
Congrats Doc. Funny stuff... one can only wish hahahahaha
Thanks, Splat...appreciate it a lot. Thanks, Elegary. Thanks, Tim... Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid.

Funny Explosive Lemon Grenade

Explosive Lemon Grenade
All sources from stock.xchng, especially: "Lemon..." by nksz
Member reactions:
good job, shadows look kind of strange though
Very nice work but I would make the slices lemon shadow black. Love all the details...creative work.
Most excellently crafted . . . I'll take mine with a "shot" of tequila
The Lemon shadow is black & what is in the BG is a real grenade to add emphasis to the lemon being an actual grenade also...well that's my opinion
Thanks everyone for your kind comments. The blurred black thing in the bg is the granade on which my work is based - it's a good contrast on the elsewhere bright image and intensifies the left border of the "lemon" (yellow on white doesn't worked for me). The shadows / reflections are from the lemon soure by the way.
Congrats on the win, Tom. Great to see you again.
awesomeness; i miss seeing the art by the "old school masters" - like yourself - from yesteryears. : )

Funny Monet's Improvised Explosive Device

Monet's Improvised Explosive Device
Member reactions:
Love the painting texture you achieved with the integrated elements. Feels like modern scene painted indeed. Great to see you back, ganga.

Funny Black Widow Spider with Explosive Venom

Black Widow Spider with Explosive Venom
Explosive venom packing arachnid.

Funny Explosive Dummies

Explosive Dummies
"...and they're available at your nearest Bazzar.
Member reactions:
There needs to be some sort of shadow on his hand where the book touches it.
Yup. Just a shadow "line" and no more. Boy, that's just too Bazzar.

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