Obama Mutant Science Experiment
Obama Mutant Science Experiment
Obama Mutant Science Experiment. REFRESH SCREEN and VIEW 'FOOL' - new safe version -
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REFRESH SCREEN and VIEW 'FOOL' That's the best part...
This is FANTASTIC. I would have use an old Victrola and a broken record for a brain
love it but where is the mandatory bikini bottom. tsk tsk
its awesome, very well done with this chop good work on the brain behind the power
Glad I refreshed it, made a great chop even better. Excellent.
Congratulations. Nice rendition of 'Bucky' the President.
Gotta love this. Revenge is sweet Congrats on the silver, Pix.
congrats on your silver pixjockey....truly incredible
Oh God, this is sooo freaking good.RICKYTREK I love your work.
This has to be the toughest contest yet on FN, Awesome job...

Funny Top Secret Human Experiments

Top Secret Human Experiments
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Hilarious. I don't know if I'd trust this scientist...looks like he has a test tube full of Borscht. Good job.
Damn Freaking wild that i didn't know that Vlad was a scientist too . Man of many talents ..... Awesome & great imagination Hidden ....
Thank you pcrdds and Chili. Maybe it's my last chop, FSB and CIA are knocking at my door.
, who's that mad scientist dude. I have a red tie like that in my wardrobe. Thanks for the chop.
Great creations coming from your artistic laboratory
So now they know what really goes on behind the scenes...wonderful Job
Bronze Congrats oo0cns0oo . . . nice choppin'.
Excellent work, very creative. Bronze congrats
Thank you everyone for voting and commenting.

Funny Gaddafi Experimenting on Bin Laden's Head

Gaddafi Experimenting on Bin Laden's Head
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Kudos for managing to blend photo sources into art so well.

Funny Future Experiments

Future Experiments
Will we destroy all our other planets too.....
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Earth looks small and cute here Nice blending of the tree and the moon

Funny Hourglass Experiment

Hourglass Experiment
Double lamp Steam produces electricity ^^" hope you like it
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Amazing work. Congrats on the gold, Mr. Scientist. I am a geek myself, so I dig these kind of chops - they bring me nice memories.
thanks NewsMaster

Funny Boat in a Bottle Science Experiment

Boat in a Bottle Science Experiment
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Brilliant. Make that brilliant 2x's, says my girl from the back-row
I knew this job was his. Congratulations for the gold ..
Chaos wins.. Congrats, you rocking genius.

Funny Obama Future Medical Experiment

Obama Future Medical Experiment
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Star Trek Science-what we are headed for. Nice work.

Funny Science Experiments

Science Experiments
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Spelling Police: Paris Hilton Tries With Science
thanx a lot for the correction.I will try to not do the same misstake again.
She's much better at science than acting or music, since she seems to have invented a time machine and gone back to 1965..
very well idea. but some cloning are still visible and the added image and some text not much the old magazine.
I like the entry and the choice of Paris photo for it - this is one rare one where she actually looks somewhat intelligent. On other photos she's no rocket scientist

Funny The Frankestein experiment

The Frankestein experiment
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Experiment done by a Zombie turn to be another mirror image of the creator

Funny Pink God Experiment Digital Art

Pink God Experiment Digital Art

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