Experienced vet Dr.Harvey Weinstein
Experienced vet Dr.Harvey Weinstein
Experienced vet Dr.Harvey Weinstein. Experienced vet Dr.Harvey Weinstein. Doctor, with such a reputation now only horses and cows are available to you. Three trusted women will watch you.

Funny Experienced Lovelace for aging women

Experienced Lovelace for aging women
Member reactions:
A clear failure. Frenchy did not like anyone, except for older women.

Funny Experienced Electrician in White House

Experienced Electrician in White House
Member reactions:
Love the arching.. ; Gold)))) Congratulations..

Funny Groundhog the Experienced Meteorologist

Groundhog the Experienced Meteorologist
Member reactions:
FN groundhogs at your service. Congrats on the bronze, Andrew.

Funny Experience The Arab Spring in Egypt

Experience The Arab Spring in Egypt
Experience in full view.
Member reactions:
This looks amazing. I guess the vehicle is driving in reverse according to the tread tracks.
Ha ha ha Freaky catch SteveGSQ I was wondering why it looks different as a moving e-Gyp . Genius concept hidden and good work
thanks SteveGSQ and ericnorthend. Its parked. Driver threw it in reverse for a closer look.
Very innovative plant which is attracting the visitors to the country well done
Hahaha, super clever and well done. Congrats on the Gold, X.
I knew you would have to get in on this contest I was just waiting for the chop Nicely done and very funny. Congrads man
Thank you, rajeshstar, gugulanul, Newsy, crystalmhill, oldman, and Hits..
Thank you, Geriatric, Doc, Areil9 and penaplonk.

Funny Experienced Flamingo Flamenco DanceTeacher

Experienced Flamingo Flamenco DanceTeacher
...You might as well learn from the Best.
Member reactions:
THANKS marin, Kellie and Gandolfe...you three have very good taste.

Funny Hair Raising Experience

Hair Raising Experience
Member reactions:
Nice work. Very good blend, clean chop, and a funny as New Jersey idea to begin with. They don't get much better...

Funny Kofi Annan Experience

Kofi Annan Experience

Funny Coral-eater was invited to Food Channel to share experience

Coral-eater was invited to Food Channel to share experience

Funny Experienced Scientist-speculant Alla Gore

Experienced Scientist-speculant Alla Gore

Funny Out-of-body Experience

Out-of-body Experience
For the first time in history scientists were able to recreate out-of-body experiences without any use of drugs, in as many as 10 participants of the scientific experiment. The ten people reported seeing their own bodies from another location while being absolutely awake. This sensation caused some participants to get scared, but others were simply excited. This experiment is considered an important step to broadening the understanding of relationship between consciousness and human body. Photoshop out-of-body experience by showing ghost-like human soul next to its live body. Choose celebrities, politicians and any famous characters, and show how soul may disagree (or agree) with what a body is doing. Examples may be Lindsay Lohan trying to get in the car drunk, while her soul is trying to stop her. You can change the size and shape of a soul, but try to make it recognizable (e.g. soul of Donald Trump should at least resemble him somehow) and make sure both soul and body of the same person are in the picture.

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