Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals
Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals
Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals.

Funny Exotic Mutant Parrotic

Exotic Mutant Parrotic
Member reactions:
Merge. Not quite so simple. It is a build and illustration. Thanks though. Thank you 420 too.
Excellent mixing and This is alien Parrot..
Could be a top player also in the human/animals contest.
Very impressive, and I agree with luciano.
Congratulations, Hit-man. Inspiring work my friend. First Rate. Just love it.
Wooden Congrats, HitMan. Awesome job of working the source into a bizarre, yet elegant piece of art.
Very unique. Congrats on the wood Hitspinner.
Congrats on the wood Hitspinner. One of my faves
Very, very beautiful. My favorite in this contest. Congrats on the Wood.
Congrats on the wood Hitspinner. This one is one of my faves

Funny Exotic Trash Can Hats

Exotic Trash Can Hats

Funny Exotic Purple Mouth Shell

Exotic Purple Mouth Shell
Something different.
Member reactions:
This is funky, bee. Congrats with the bronze.
Congrats on the 3rd bee. Very cool - made me smile... see you up there soon.

Funny Exotic Dancer Bird

Exotic Dancer Bird
Every night at the Sage Grouse Club. (The " ... " are really part of the bird.)
Member reactions:
"C'mon, Boys, cough up some twenties. This ain't no free range, you know."
i see you edited it , now look "twice" better
This is freaking funny.. I love how you gave the grouse ... & stuck a $20 in between them. I just checked the source & that is a very unusual bird.
TP: I think in the original picture the bird was holding the eggs, but only the author knows for sure. Fantastic entry.
Hahaha. Men will stare at anything that looks like ... .

Funny Trump's Exotic Dancers

Trump's Exotic Dancers
Can ... ambition save Atlantic City's casinos. Strippers set to perform in its gambling venues for the first time

Funny Exotic Woman at Sunset

Exotic Woman at Sunset

Funny Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets
Many people choose to have exotic pets these days - they range from rare and expensive animals, to ordinary animals that hardly fit pet roles or are not native to the owner's location. If you think about getting an exotic critter for yourself, make sure to check whether your state laws allow this particular animal. Such laws were designed to protect people from potential harm caused by such pets (you probably won't be too pleased if your neighbors get a bunch of grizzly bears as pets who can one day can attack you), and to protect many endangered species from being caught and sold. Photoshop exotic pets and their owners together (playing, walking, etc.). You can either use existing animals (including birds or insects) or create new species. Try to make your chops photo-realistic like in the themepost by Mandrak.

Funny Exotic Animals

Exotic Animals
It's time once again to create new species of animals! Create new land or water creatures! IMPORTANT! You MUST name your new animal and it must be printed on the image itself!

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