Judge, Jury and Executioner
Judge, Jury and Executioner
Judge, Jury and Executioner .

Funny William VanPoyct Executioner

William VanPoyct Executioner
Billy the Kid news source This one is personal. Though I am an Independent I do lean to the right on many issues. However executing a man when there is evidence of his innocence, did not pull the trigger, is insane. Florida's Governor Scott earned this lambasting for not listening to reason. His politically motivated approach to executions makes him a loose cannon within the Republican Party RIP William VanPoyct, alias "Billy the Kid" as his school chums nic-named him.
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I reckon so. Looking at various articles it seems there are a lot of Republicans ... ed off at him so I'm not some lone dissenter. In recent years there have been so many people on Death Row proven innocent that we as sentient human beings can no longer support a justice system so terribly corrupt and broken. No more executions unless there is 100% infallibility and that ain't going to happen as long as some lawyer/prosecutor has a name to build for himself or money to be made. I'm not preaching here, just want to rattle the cage a bit and get people's attention to a grave situation in America
Excellent body nice interior great work done
hidden, I have sometimes taken heat in Conservative circles for being anti death penalty while at the same time pro life. I have never thought there to be a problem squaring the two. Speaking just personally for myself, I have never believed it my position to choose who's spark gets extinguished. One exception to this rule is defense. Defense of me and mine and by extension country is the only time I will take a life. ; ) Nice piece. I did him as a jellyfish once. He got soft and squishy on a TP issue. ; )
Nice caricature... and lot of tools used to put this chop believable great job done
Congratulations on the Bronze Hitspinner.
hitspinner, Congrats on the bronze. Rather gory.
Well, executions aren't pretty,. Thank you Suzeams, Ariel, Doc, Bmore, Gugulanul, Rajesh, footshot, balodiya, Geri and Elvis. Pretty much where I stand, Bmore. Thanks William was my friend back when we were little kids. We did stupid delinquent stuff and got busted one day. I went to the pokey for a night and Billy was sent up State School for three years where he was trained and institutionalized thus sealed his fate for the rest of his days. Prisons are just training grounds for super villains.
Congratulations Hit-Man. Very nice use of highlight and shadow. That really makes the composition work for me.
Congratulations. I have thought about that topic since I was a kid. Some Humans need to be sent back to the Creator C.O.D. but, the proof/evidence has to be better than circumstantial. I was raised by a Mother who was a Private Detective along with every variety of Law Enforcement Officer and successful Attorneys. These people believed and worked the 'truth' and not, just, careers. Whatever-another fine HitSpinner original.
Having been a firefighter I have engaged, many cops, Lawyers, judges and public servants. Half were certifiable idiots with all forms of power issues. The other half are actually there to try to get it right

Funny Executioner Rick Perry

Executioner Rick Perry
The murderess, the victim, the witness, each of us thinks that its role is that of the protagonist. Texas to Kill Another Potentially Innocent Man -- Convicted of Lethal Shooting While Handcuffed. Yet another death row inmate in Texas may in fact not be guilty of the crime that put him there. Texas has a well-earned reputation for unsympathetic governors who are undeterred at overseeing more executions than any other state in the country. Current Gov. Rick Perry presided over 235 executions during his time in office, by far the most of any governor in the modern era. This despite several questionable convictions that call into question the use of the death penalty at all. Alan Lomax-Prison & Blues
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Fantastic work, hidden.....top notch,Bravo...
This is a smok'in chop ,love it. Great detail in everything
Very Well Done Fantastic Composition Like it
so funny dog, excellent fog effects and lovely modeling here
I know this will be the winner great job done very nice caricatured image with an excellent background and the smoke coming out is too good great job done on the Doggy Well done
One heck of a good job on this, and the story line you picked too. Congrats on the win.....
Congrats on the Silver PSM

Funny John McCainThe Executioner

John McCainThe Executioner
Please view full Original source painting
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freaky awesome in full view ... love all characters there
many details in this fine caricature composition. and in all these bloody deeds Bill is still only interested in sax. How typical
Excellent work RW. Actually looks like a whole lot of work. I guess that dudes head on the floor is turnabout fairplay
Congrats RW, nic e job They don't call him McNuts for nothing, hehe.

Funny George Bush in Pillory with Obama Executioner

George Bush in Pillory with Obama Executioner

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