The Great Apple Revolution! Failed iPhone execution.
The Great Apple Revolution! Failed iPhone execution.
The Great Apple Revolution! Failed iPhone execution..

Funny In Flight Executions

In Flight Executions
Sources In recent events the airlines are forced to provide creative entertainment to deflect from staff's abusive nature. As a disclaimer that might get me in trouble, I like united and have found their service and attitude excellent. But that was 20 or 30 years ago ;P
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United would probably do a better job with executions that's for sure.

Funny The Execution of the Extraterrestrial ET by Manet

The Execution of the Extraterrestrial ET by Manet
If only he had been able to place a phone call...
Member reactions:
I'm sorry for ET but this made me laugh .

Funny Rick Perry Watching a Texas Execution

Rick Perry Watching a Texas Execution
Texas executions: the most controversial cases Rick Perry has presided over 234 executions as governor of Texas, with Duane Buck to be put to death on Thursday. We look at some of the individuals who have died on Perry's watch......
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Good work-good luck. I guess the moral is "Don't Mess with Texas." (.)

Funny Execution

Member reactions:
don't want to seem harsh, but reflection of light in coat , and the angle of shadows dont match. the rest is BEaTIFUL.

Funny D.C. Sniper Execution

D.C. Sniper Execution
Are you sure this is the massage salon. Supreme Court won't halt D.C. sniper's execution
Member reactions:
All I can say is great chop and good riddance a--hole.
He was the subject of one of the first contest at FreakingNews
Yeah, I remember the sniper contest - one of the very first ones. It's been over 6 years ago. Time flies... Great chop.
Taking a que from The Minister Of Hits: great chop and good riddance F-wad.
Well said, Carl. Sad thing is, that jerk is just going to sleep and pass in a rather humane sort of way. Good thing I'm not in charge of the system. Hydrochloric acid in squirt guns comes to mind.
that was amazing realmeert ... I thought it's would get high score .. keep up fantastic works man

Funny Olympic Executions

Olympic Executions
Amnesty Report: China Leads the World in Executions
Member reactions:
Very good image/subject, just needs a little tidy up around the Chinese flag & L/H grey rope, then your on to a winner IMO
If you calculate in proportion to population, the US still has a chance to get into the medals .
Very timely news-related work. Creative concept. Congratulations on the gold, Luciano.

Funny Jeb Bush Suspends Executions

Jeb Bush Suspends Executions
MIAMI Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, has called a temporary halt to all executions while a panel reviews how lethal injections are administered, after the lingering death of a prisoner on Wednesday. Ángel Nieves Díaz, 55, took 34 minutes to die and had to be administered two lethal doses when the needle missed his vein, piercing tissue instead. The executive order does not mandate the reviewing panel to propose other methods of capital punishment. It asks it only to examine whether lethal injections are administered properly. Nieves’s botched execution has rekindled the debate on whether the injections constitute cruel and unusual punishment December 16, 2006
Member reactions:
I've linked to a news story for you; however, in the future it is mandatory for you to link to a news story. I realize you have pasted the news story in your Author's Comments and included them in the image itself. It's also required to link to the story as well. Thanks.
Quality photoshopping, but yes, please also link to the news story. We can not do it for you every time.

Funny Trump Execution

Trump Execution
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Keep Dreaming.... Why would you want the Best President Shot, shoot the nuts that Hate Keeping America Safe.
, 6 inches away and they all missed Trump. And the Hildabeast loses again
The hildabeast has not lost again, She and her kind were never taught how to loose. They don't know how to loose with dignity.

Funny Another Lemon Execution

Another Lemon Execution
First inmate put to death in Oklahoma since last botched execution twitches in pain and screams 'my body is on fire' as he is given the same man-meaty goodness tail of lethal drugs
Member reactions:
I wonder if the 11 month old baby that was raped and murdered felt any pain.
My, my commentary (and lemons) wasn't about the death penalty, it was about big pharma that kills millions of innocents a year.

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