Exchange of roles
Exchange of roles
Exchange of roles. Member reactions:
the crawling away baby.

Funny The exchange

The exchange
Member reactions:
Awesome Look the Feet it was of snake very well designed and like the way you have replaced both wonderful to see this chop Mindblowing job done
Outstanding PS show..this is amazing unbelievable replacement..Out of the box Good luck

Funny Chinese Exchange Student with Barack Obama

Chinese Exchange Student with Barack Obama
Member reactions:
OK-I need Oxygen now or I will die laughing. Great humor & detail.
Lol, Michelle seems to be very jealous. Funny work
Hahaha, just look at the Michelle's face. Nice setting with the Chinese statuettes and the Chinese takeaway.
Thanks, geriatric...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, Sunshin3...thanks, diamonds...thanks, rajeshstar...and thanks, Newsy.
Thanks, oo0cns0oo. Thanks, robinbobin. Thanks, dd.
Bronze Chinese statuette for Paul. As a bonus you get a free trip to China as part of the Obama's exchange program.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Newsy. I'll take that trip. When will the tickets come.
Congrats on the silver Paul, funny chop The face expression of Michelle tells everything.
Congrats on the Silver (and for letting the world know another truth about that jerk - ha). Whart's with these liberal first wives, never knowing what their husbands are up to (haha).

Funny Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange

Funny New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange
This is my first entry. Please feel free to comment and I accept all tips and tricks. Thanks Source
Member reactions:
Great first entry. Maybe some shading on the front pillar, i'm not sure.
looks very good. Maybe soften the banners a tiny, Very tiny bit. I'm just going by the other signs in the picture, especially the white color. Also, if they are intended to be banners, they are too perfectly straight around the edges. Almost like a steel sign would be. If you are going for the look of soft material, maybe play with the warp a little to give them a breezy, ruffle, and natural looking sag. Big banners dip a little between the points where they are tied up. I think you did a great job masking around the flags, and it looks really good. I'll shut up now.
Thanks. I am very newbish on photoshop but I can learn.
Eh, so am I. This is a good place to learn. Lots of good people on here quick with a tip or suggestions.
I tried to make the flag look more flowing like material. What do you think.
looking good, I think the saturation or something is out a little on the banners. maybe add some noise/ little blur to match the rest of the pic. good concept
so sad... so true... if they could only READ (or ask me - I saw this coming seven years ago. twirps.)
The flags are fine although the yellow is a bit dull.
Just to agree with johnx1 & pegleg, and maybe suggest adding a little perspective fade to give the banner some depth. Welcome to the site & good 1st attempt
Great first try. I think the composition is very timely and witty. Welcome to Freaking News.
This is perfect for the time. Watch out for those pesky golden parachutes sailing away,and leaping stockbrokers.Also a "For Lease" sign in the windows or smoke and flames would be a nice touch too...Just a thought.. Nice first entry...Keep it up.

Funny Exchange

Member reactions:
The girl's clothes look perfect, but it looks like the boy did a doo-doo in his pants

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and George Bush Exchanging Peace Gifts

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and George Bush Exchanging Peace Gifts

Funny New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange
The New York Stock Exchange finds a new revenue stream. View full please.
Member reactions:
Great only suggestion would be that the letters are too superficial, if they could blend more with the banner, maybe a few creases here and there, well that's my opinion...
Great perspective on the lettering, and the minimal highlighting in front of the pillars really adds depth.

Funny Hellboy Currency Exchange

Hellboy Currency Exchange

Funny Stock Exchange Trader Ball Game

Stock Exchange Trader Ball Game
Rules. Who needs rules.

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