Funny You should leave everything here !

You should leave everything here !

Funny everything's a racket

everything's a racket
a bit of weirdness
Member reactions:
Good job blending a dog nose on to the man.
And this is the guy that derailed Djokovic at Wimbledon this year. , this notorious dog has skilz. Just Freak'n Hilarious Chop'n Hidden.
Congrats on the gold jeremix,funny and awesome work

Funny Everything in Russia is perfectly pinky when they are drinking

Everything in Russia is perfectly pinky when they are drinking
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver, Andrew. Keep up the good work
Congrats, Andrew. Love the nose hair. Funny Stuff.
Thank you, AndWhat, SplatShot and UncleChamp.

Funny Everything Goes Wrong on Friday 13

Everything Goes Wrong on Friday 13
Some days everything just aligns against you.
Member reactions:
Judging from everything else, the shadow from the tail should be on the other side.
well done.. If the bad luck comes it can bring storm inside the washroom as well
Cool how you gathered them together. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny The Theory Of Everything Minimalist Movie Poster

The Theory Of Everything Minimalist Movie Poster
This is the new movie about the life of Stephen Hawking.
Member reactions:
Thanks, eric, luciano, Christine and Newsy. Guess people just didn't quite get this one.

Funny A Fantastic Fear of Everything Mexican

A Fantastic Fear of Everything Mexican
Member reactions:
Hahaha, awesome show of the Mexican symbols here.
Top 5 congrats. That stain is the cherry on top hahahahahaha

Funny McDonalds Uckit Bucket With Everything

McDonalds Uckit Bucket With Everything
Member reactions:
Thank you Newsmaster and geriatric and Deaddog
No more dangerous than what he is selling, Eric
Adding the fly for a special touch is like putting icing on the cake. Excellent Job.
Fantastic. The clown over his should is a nice touch.
Thanks Paul. I'm just glad it found a cup. It is always dicey when a chop hangs on an English term or and Americanism. And the fact that the word was partially concealed, asked that our non English viewers were familiar with the term F--K. That sometimes works, most times not for me. But they understood perfectly it seems

Funny Everything Google

Everything Google
Please Full View Sources
Member reactions:
This is chopping at it's best. If you think it gets better you'll have to show me.
I agree with Hitspinner : that's choppin' . Awesome one .
man what kind of fantastic is this .... I should say welcome back
Extremely well done. (How do you know it is someone to welcome back, K..)
doxi there is only one chopper who put alot off sources in his design ... exactly here he use more than 30 sources ... and I know the most famous styles in Fn well done hiddin
Even the kitchen sink... Great job and congrats
Thank You.. Rainman- It took everything AND the kitchen sink to beat you .. haha.
Congrats Xaos... awesome work... looks great. Well-deserved win.
Felicidades Xaos por el oro. Buena racha de oro, siga asi. Felicidades nuevamente.
Great image. You need to give your choppin hand a rest after this one Congrats.
Thank you to everyone who offered up their kind comments and encouragement.
Allow me to offer my congrats as well. Beautiful work.
Congrats on the win, Xaos - what a feast for the eyes you made. Google rules.
Amazing that you were able to do this within the relative short span that the contest was up - as Kratos said, you had 30+++ sources. Congrats.
I was sure that's you who made it Xman always surprise me with Amazing works ... what kind of great artists you are ... do you know that you beat all in .. top 10 pic monthly really big congrats Xaos on the gold and I think your design will be safely there , keep up amazing works
Some real eye candy for sure. Had to grab gold from the start.

Funny Phelps Wins... Everything

Phelps Wins... Everything
Member reactions:
He must swim much slower with such ears .

Funny Balance is Everything...

Balance is Everything...
Rock balancing is becoming a popular hobby this summer. Nature lovers say rock balancing is a form of sculpture art that teaches you patience, sensitivity, and most importantly unites you with the nature. Veteran rock balancers usually take days to find appropriate stones and days of tries and errors to balance them in seemingly impossible composition. Create any balancing composition - any objects or people balanced on each other - the weirder the better. Many thanks to Doxieone for the contest concept.

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