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Funny Euro Pictures

Mexican euro coinFunny Mexican euro coin
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Euro 2012Funny Euro 2012
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UEFA EURO 2012Funny UEFA EURO 2012
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Great job nice to see the ball in this shape
Thx Rajesh , always nice to see your comments ...

1 July : spain wins Euro Cup 2012Funny 1 July : spain wins Euro Cup 2012
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1 July : spain wins Euro Cup 2012 Vamos SpaŅa =P Sources
Excellent work on this piece , but where is the soccer ball that is required in the contest ...
owsh =P i didnt see it... thanks a lot Chili
Its cool , maybe you can Flag it & put it in the next freakShow Contest . I think what you did on this piece is outstanding in its own ...
This is really excellent work the Winner is sitting in front of the Trophy
You did fantastic on this chop. Glad you put the soccer ball in after you entered the original . Love the shading & shadow work you detailed in everything ... High score bro .
thanks all my friends finally i win the gold...Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah =P i'm so happy
thank you too much Chili & Sunshin3 =) congrats for you too

Euro 2012 helmetFunny Euro 2012 helmet
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Cool funny hats replace by balls good one

 Euro SoccerSaucer 2012Funny Euro SoccerSaucer 2012
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Excellent work with source Nice to see it as a flying saucers
Freaked out..awesome merge and best color combination
Silver congrats, I like the ball flying saucers

American Euro DollarsFunny American Euro Dollars
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Pirate Euro DollarFunny Pirate Euro Dollar
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It looks a bit vertically stretched. Otherwise quality work.

THE Pooro - Dollar + EuroFunny THE Pooro - Dollar + Euro
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Euro-like coinFunny Euro-like coin
Member reactions:

Euro. you wish. ...more like 1 Peso to me.
Sort of like the Canadian $2.00 coin, nice job.

Euro 2012Funny Euro 2012 - Whether you're a true fan or just a soccer spectator, this summer's festival of footwork thrills fans across the globe as 16 European nations compete for The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012. The tournament is being hosted by Poland and Ukraine, June 8 - July 1, 2012. To mark Euro 2012, create images of soccer ball(s) integrated into something (architecture, everyday items, haircuts, etc.), or give soccer theme to movies and paintings (e.g. add soccer balls and turn the (movie or paintings) characters into die-hard fans of their country teams).

When Euro-Veggies AttackFunny When Euro-Veggies Attack - The global scare of the European vegetables with E.Coli infection is spreading fast. Days after the outbreak in Germany and the rest of Europe, Russia, the biggest EU vegetable importer, completely banned the import of fresh EU vegetables. Saudi Arabia went one step further and banned not only fresh EU veggies, but also any canned vegetable products from the EU. A source from The White House said the US could outlaw the imports of the EU vegetables in the coming days. They are scary, they are infectious, they are outlaws... they are Euro veggies! Create images of any vegetables attacking humans, or otherwise causing any harm to humans.

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