Eternity For Dummies by Queen Elizabeth
Eternity For Dummies by Queen Elizabeth
Eternity For Dummies by Queen Elizabeth.

Funny Eternity Lost

Eternity Lost
I could get used to this.
Member reactions:
very nice. i always have so much trouble with highlights... what do you do and do you have a draw pad thinger.
Thanks, Deano. What I initially did was create a secondary shadow in between two layer's of the woman (the topmost being rendered at roughly 50% opacity) slightly below and to the right of the original object, so that the shadow would resemble a darkened portion of the woman's body. After this, I manually touched up the remaining portions by use of the "lighten/darken" brush. The highlighted portion of the stone was simply generated by using the "sunburst" effect, integral to paintshop and which I'm sure is contained in photoshop as well. For fun, I also added another transparent layer of the woman which included use of the "Colored edges" effect, slightly blurred and rendered at 21% opacity in order to apply a slightly "glowing" effect. No, at present, I currently do not have a drawing pad, but effectively "sandwiching" a shadow in between two layers managed to take care of the bulk of the work on this occasion, with only a few rudimentary embellishments needed to complete the effect.
hmmmm, interesting, i might have to try that. i have always just tried to hand(mouse) draw in all my effects. thanks _
Quality work. No kicking woman, WOO HOO.

Funny Scarlett Johansson Holding Eternity Perfume

Scarlett Johansson Holding Eternity Perfume
Scarlett gained popularity back in 1889 when William Bouguereau painted this Calvin Klein advertisement picture for the Eternity 'Moment' perfume campaign.
Member reactions:
Brilliant texture match. I like the parfume advertisng idea.

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