Van Gogh Real Estate
Van Gogh Real Estate
Van Gogh Real Estate.

Funny Beach Estate at Sunset

Beach Estate at Sunset
Member reactions:
id probably try lightening the very edges of the top sections of the mountain in the background, im seeing it a bit 2d just in that area, maybe just brush some of the dodge tool lightly., other then that a very vibrant and lovely feeling peice
I lit up the top of the mountain.. it added some needed atmosphere to the top of the mountain .. thanks for the suggestion Sid
Work of art. Love the added sea. Makes me wanna go on vacation to this castle.

Funny Real Estate Agent Howard Dean

Real Estate Agent Howard Dean
Just happy he's got that realtor's license to fall back on.

Funny Miami Beach Real Estate Boom

Miami Beach Real Estate Boom Miami Beach sees rising seas as no threat to real estate boom, for now.
Member reactions:
Interesting chop. Please refer to the contest directions to see how to post a clickable link.

Funny Alien Real Estate Agent

Alien Real Estate Agent
Their first home..
Member reactions:
I like the concept. The figures look somewhat flat though. Also I'd make the image bigger
News: Added Realtor, sign, and made it bigger.

Funny Real Estate Agent Ghost

Real Estate Agent Ghost
Member reactions:
Love the timely satire you chose to give to it
Thanx Newsmaster... i was beginning to feel unloved again. Dang i'm needy.

Funny Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax

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