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Funny Eskimo Pictures

Hillary Clinton EskimoFunny Hillary Clinton Eskimo
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Senator Clinton discovers why she's treated so coldly and returns to her natural habitat.
That expression is priceless, well done..
I guess it's true after all - Hillary is as cold as ice...

Eskimo PiFunny Eskimo Pi
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Eskimo HouseFunny Eskimo House
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These are the O'Hulahans, they are happy because they just moved into their more economical, and natural-ly made house.
Check your lighting. Stark sunlight from the left would create more shadow on them & the realty sign.
The people seem kind of flat..compared to the rest. Cool idea
I have heard igloos are so warm the Eskimos don't wear any clothes indoors. One small point, the face of the little girl on the right is a little distorted.
"Mummy..What's for tea." "Whale blubber and fries darling"
Cute idea. People standing in the foreground are Very hard to pull of without it looking Cut & pasted. An idea for composure on this one would be to intigrate mom & child into and around the igloo rather than standing in the foreground. (girl peeking over snowbank in front of igloo entrance) etc...
brand new on the market. i suspect it'll sell fast.
Better watch it Century 21 is HOT in Alaska.

Eskimo CharlizeFunny Eskimo Charlize
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Charlize went to Alaska and bought this Eskimo coat.

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