Hillary Clinton Eskimo
Hillary Clinton Eskimo
Hillary Clinton Eskimo. Senator Clinton discovers why she's treated so coldly and returns to her natural habitat.
Member reactions:
That expression is priceless, well done..
I guess it's true after all - Hillary is as cold as ice...

Funny Eskimo Pi

Eskimo Pi

Funny Eskimo House

Eskimo House
These are the O'Hulahans, they are happy because they just moved into their more economical, and natural-ly made house.
Member reactions:
Check your lighting. Stark sunlight from the left would create more shadow on them & the realty sign.
The people seem kind of flat..compared to the rest. Cool idea
I have heard igloos are so warm the Eskimos don't wear any clothes indoors. One small point, the face of the little girl on the right is a little distorted.
"Mummy..What's for tea." "Whale blubber and fries darling"
Cute idea. People standing in the foreground are Very hard to pull of without it looking Cut & pasted. An idea for composure on this one would be to intigrate mom & child into and around the igloo rather than standing in the foreground. (girl peeking over snowbank in front of igloo entrance) etc...
brand new on the market. i suspect it'll sell fast.
Better watch it Century 21 is HOT in Alaska.

Funny Eskimo Charlize

Eskimo Charlize
Charlize went to Alaska and bought this Eskimo coat.

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