Visions on an Escalator
Visions on an Escalator
Visions on an Escalator. Visions

Funny God's Escalator

God's Escalator

Funny Barcode Escalator

Barcode Escalator

Funny George Carlin on Escalator to Heaven

George Carlin on Escalator to Heaven
. Member reactions:
I love the chop, his left foot appears to be floating though.
Congrats on the double win, good work on both.
Congrats on the silver Deb. Nice work as usual.
Rain, I have no idea what he's thinking but we sure know where he's heading.Thanks everyone for your comments and votes on this one. I will miss George Carlin. He was an icon as I was growing up.
Congrat's 2 x Sassy, silver and bronze, great work, deserved recognition.Cheers.Mandrak

Funny Woman Falling Down Escalator

Woman Falling Down Escalator

Funny Escalator Sledding

Escalator Sledding
. Member reactions:
LoL, makes me think of more escalator fun

Funny Escalator Rip Off

Escalator Rip Off
Escalator Thief struck again... Member reactions:
Ever wonder why there are stairs in the middle, like that. Even if the escalator stops working, they still resemble stairs.

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