Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise
Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise
Putin , Hollande and Merkel Aboard The Star Trek Enterprise. Me thinks Vlad needs a new toupee. Looks like he should also lose that belly fat.
Member reactions:
Everyone is got the job. Very well placed
Oh no,,, Merkel has the red shirt. That means she will die before the episode is over.
Congrats on the gold, Paul - looks authentic.
I will share this one on facebook Congratz ... pcrdds
Thanks, Bob, Tim, Newsy and Armatien. And thanks for noticing the Klingon, Tim.

Funny Enterprise Beauty Digital Art

Enterprise Beauty Digital Art
Member reactions:
thanks kellie trying to type on my android. Spelling not do good. I really enjoyed making this.
Like the frames you adjusted to create the space ship with the lights oozing out from it and making the beams good reflection also well done ...
Triple Congratulations. If this were a hockey game-you would have scored a Hat-Trick.
Robin rocked this contest. 3 out of 4. Congrats again.

Funny Star Trek Enterprise Battles a Klingon Ship

Star Trek Enterprise Battles a Klingon Ship
Member reactions:
there's nothing better than a good ole slug get between the Klingons and Federation.
Beautiful PSing Hidden ...
Splendid .... Marvelous beautiful space with stars and the comets all around and the space ship acts as a big dragon over the sky engulfing all coming in its way great job
Congrats, on the Gold,Silver and Wood....all 3 are amazing. But this is my Favorite...way too go,Bravo.....
Congratulations. Looks like a comic book cover which is a compliment.
thank you everyone who voted for my pics. i have been n the hospital for several weeks,this was a nice surprise and it has definitely made my day feel a little better sorry if i don't respond to all your comments as i am typing on my phone and i am not used to doing so. thank you for making my day
Stand out winner, I saw this and gave up . Very Well deserved GOLD, Congratulations.
Stunning Trekkie chop. Congrats on the gold, robin.

Funny USS Enterprise in a Space Battle

USS Enterprise in a Space Battle
Member reactions:
thanks guys. i am on the hospital trying to type on an android. it seems that i am spelling challenged .
Hope your doing well, you're work sure is
Excellent work done like the night sky with the spaceship crashing and creating voluminous fireballs all over good work with the force of lights emitting
Another beauty from RB. Congrats on the silver too.

Funny Enterprise Spaceship Stuck in the Ice

Enterprise Spaceship Stuck in the Ice
Member reactions:
This is really a freaky idea Spaceship as Titanic and lot of Ice Bergs to crash with it and the Lovers on the Deck are Awesome

Funny Water Enterprise Ship in Space

Water Enterprise Ship in Space
I seriously can't remember if i submitted this here before, but i know that i never submitted anywhere else, so hope you like it.
Member reactions:
Excellent thinking of yours hidden you have made ISS out of water in the stars litted sky

Funny Starfish Enterprise

Starfish Enterprise
Member reactions:
"Engage Starfish Deflector shields Sulu. Prepare for impact." Great concept HIDDEN.
"Aye-Aye Captain Kirk: shields UP." This cracks me up...
Its a Freaky amazing chop so fantastically done to represent one in the Space good job done
Congrats, on the Gold....Paul. Awesome work.
Thanks, FN'ers. I appreciate it very much.

Funny Big Top Enterprise Spaceship

Big Top Enterprise Spaceship
Member reactions:
I like the whole composition but the shooting of balloon animal is a cherry on top.

Funny Spear Thrown Through Starship Enterprise

Spear Thrown Through Starship Enterprise
Damnit Will I said engage engines, not enrage injuns.
Member reactions:
i like it,i dont think its a lame pun. i love puns.

Funny U.S.S. Enterprise

U.S.S. Enterprise
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, Jer, well deserved.

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