Elvis never entered the building.
Elvis never entered the building.
Elvis never entered the building.. original painting called "La Paye des moissonneurs" found here: http://tinypic.com/view.php.pic=bf2d1x&s=9#.WHvSAn3woZ4
Member reactions:
Really great job Vicspa. Removing the sickle and all the subtle details,suspicious meds, nice.

Funny Bruce Lee Enter The Mind

Bruce Lee Enter The Mind
Fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time. Fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.

Funny Enter If You Dare

Enter If You Dare
Member reactions:
really cool idea nice work love the extra set of eyes up top cool
Excellent entry like the way the banners were hanged through wires great sparkling effects and wanna try to enter once in life

Funny Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering
Member reactions:
LoL idea

Funny Steve Jobs Enters the Kingdom of the Genius

Steve Jobs Enters the Kingdom of the Genius
Member reactions:
Awesome concept , love it . One thing thou , just my advise , you might want to re-edit it & put a drop shadow on the bodies , they look like they are just pasted with a glow around then now .
My intention is not to place them with ghosts.
Thank you very much Jhakss24. I'm glad for you have liked.
Thanks guys, I'm very happy for you have liked.
Thank you very much Disasterman111 and crusader234.
Congrats on your first gold JoaoN. Welcome aboard.
Congrats on your 1st Gold JoaoN . . . Nice choppin"
caraca Joćo. mandou muito cara. parabens. excelente trabalho
Cool. Like the concept. Excellent. One question: The significance of the sizes of subjects. Is this saying Jobs bigger than the rest or are you leaving it to the viewer.
congrats on your very first gold cup...now I am jealous,I have yet to win ....oh well i guess i will keep pluggin away.
Thank you for comment RockBuzzard. The Jobs is being received by the genius, he is larger for being new in this kingdom.
very cool work JoaoN big congrats on your gold ..
Thank you so much DesignerKratos, I'm glad for you have liked.

Funny Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab
Member reactions:
Poor bloke, he does ask for it...naughty boy.
He's been using drugs for years now , in & out of jail . I hope one day he will learn to face his enemies inside of himself ....
Head is a tad small for the body. Good work otherwise.
Yes , after i kept looking at it , you are so right .
Quality work, but perhaps the filter job here is too strong

Funny Tiger Woods Enters Anger Management Rehab

Tiger Woods Enters  Anger Management  Rehab
When his wife took their kids to Sweden, Tiger struggled with anger issues in rehab.
Member reactions:
Hahahaha oh my well thought

Funny Ghost Caught on Film Entering Ship

Ghost Caught on Film Entering Ship
a work in progress.. will make some changes if i have the time..
Member reactions:
i dunno if slimer is in the right spot.. maybe bring him forward... i dunno any ideas leave a comment
i like the full view and love the ghostbusters very clever
ha ha awesome love the ghost busters too and boy looks like slimmer did a heck of a protoplasmic sneeze on that ship nice
definately gotta see in full view or its like slimer doing an impression of where's waldo
Really liked this entry, had lots of humour. Think you should have left it lighter though.

Funny Firefighter Entering Burning Building

Firefighter Entering Burning Building
Please help me to get better and critique my entries. Thanks alot.
Member reactions:
Nice concept. The for could be thicker (less transparent and with more volume, like gray clouds, just shaped dirrefently) in my humble opinion

Funny O J Simpson Entering the Wormhole To Hell

O J Simpson Entering the Wormhole To Hell
Member reactions:
Impressive work. He deserves it me thinks
Great idea and a very pretty picture. I actually have something close to this but I had to learn how to make a brush set to do it. I learned how to do that but too late to submit. Great shop.
Silver congratulations for KIR too - you are on a roll, mate.

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