National Enquirer
National Enquirer
National Enquirer. Member reactions:
I knew this one would win and voted accordingly. Great job Kerri . Congrats
Golden Congrats, Pree. Awesome job and the Pez Head Kerry is the cherry.

Funny National Enquirer ??

National Enquirer ??
Member reactions:
It fits his look perfectly congratulationsss Skitter..
This one i very funny ... :-s one of my favourites .
Another great one. I like the adjusted editorial format using the file folder and still remaining within the trademarked appearance. Congrats.
Bronze Congrats on a great work, Skitter.

Funny Obama Destroys the Constitution National Enquirer

Obama Destroys the Constitution National Enquirer
Member reactions:
All freaks at same place especially the Iranian Dr. Nuke
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. That Dr. Nuke looks shady.
Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Newsy...yes, "Dr. Nuke" IS shady. .

Funny National Enquirer 2014

National Enquirer 2014
Member reactions:
Good job on the hairdos and other pranks here. Had to chuckle "we don't care what we print".
Nice image and perfect matching of Obama hairstyle
Congrads on the Woodie, wish I could get one.
Bwhahahaha Bohener. That is funny schitck. That handsome fellow in the blue cap looks like the probable winner in any pharting contest. But most stinky ... the guy in the middle for sure Congrats on another cup, sir.

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama in National Inquirer Magazine

Barack and Michelle Obama in National Inquirer Magazine
Member reactions:
Biden is getting silky grey hair and Obama is getting more fat this April Nice and funny magazine cover good job done
Aaaaaaaa can any one help me to come out of the freaky world I cant stop my laugh this time amazing work hidden.... Michelle (Mike's) beard is top of it and Mr.Obama dont be upset-down
Ya always good for a laugh Paul
grats pcrdds. funniest pic i've seen in a while.
Silver congrats, Paul. Michelle looks very natural a bodybuilder here.
Thanks, Newsy. Start pumping those weights and you too can look like Michelle does.

Funny Jennifer Aniston on April Fools Enquirer

Jennifer Aniston on April Fools Enquirer
For those who don't know, the man living in the sewer is deaddog. Everyone should realize Newsy might be the unsuspecting father.
Member reactions:
The money hasn't changed me, Im still an A-hole. Bwahahahahahahaahhahaahhaahh
. I gotta take that DNA test, the judge order, you know.
Thanks, everyone. I'm rootin' for ya, Newsy. Then we could see you on "Jersey Shore."
Great job done ha ha ha nice comments on our leader very well executed
OHoo ho ho ho OMG What a freaking work, u are the Hero hidden Big boys Obama, Newsy,Sir Deaddog OMG OMG OMG No words can explain this
Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. Glad I can make you laugh.
Congrats, looks real and the part about Obama is no douth true.
Thanks, G-Man...thanks, hobbit...thanks, doodydog.
Back in the Golden saddle . . . Great chop Paul. Great to see something new from DR. C. Excellent blending on Jennifer . . . Congrats.
Great to see you back Chopping Paul , Gold Congrats my man ....
Congrats on the gold, Paul. The jackpot is proudly sponsored by DD, .
Thanks, qtrmoonshop...thanks, Steve...thanks, Chili Man...thanks, Newsy...thanks, Ivan.
So great.. Love Obama's expression with the "I'm Gay" headline. Well deserved prize.

Funny Sonny Bono in The National Enquirer

Sonny Bono in The National Enquirer
Member reactions:
Sweet. The article cracked me up "Sonny Bono fight with his son Chaz".

Funny Enquirer Special - Obama is an Alien

Enquirer Special - Obama is an Alien
If it's in the Enquirer, it has to be true.
Member reactions:
It's a better read than the newspaper these days.
Looks legit-probably is or will be legit, eventually.
Thanks, geriatric. I think you might be right.
,specially on the idiot vote tagline....congrats Paul
Thanks, Mr. Rain. Gotta keep things funny.
F-I-N-A-L-L-Y.. Congratulations Doc. ist Place-WOO-HOO..

Funny Wikileaks in the Enquirer

Wikileaks in the Enquirer
Amazing what WikiLeaks has uncovered.
Member reactions:
Shams. I swear I am innocent.
Yeah, sure, right. The Enquirer NEVER lies. . ;D
Nice work....looks like Bettys going through withdrawl
Thanks, Disasterman. Withdrawal...bwahahahah.
Hey..... as long as she's got hot dogs, Aniston, Beyonce, their not holding any grub.
DD is a sicko and that's the way we like him
Hahahaha editor's pick if you ask me. Super job and on point.
Thanks, Hitspinner. Appreciate it very much.

Funny Obama Cabinet Posts Listed in the National Enquirer

Obama Cabinet Posts Listed in the National Enquirer
What would Oprah an Obama cabinet.
Member reactions:
Nice cabinet, may I say We'll see what happens in real life

Funny National Enquirer Lawsuit

National Enquirer Lawsuit
Fitness guru Richard Simmons has filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer, Radar Online and the media outlets' owner, American Media, over stories claiming that Simmons is transitioning from a male to a female, according to court documents. The complaint filed asserts that Simmons is the victim of a "particularly egregious and hurtful campaign of defamations and privacy invasions, falsely asserting that Mr. Simmons is transitioning from a male to a female." Over the years the Enquirer has been wrong but sometimes they've been right! Create National Enquirer covers that might be real...or might NOT be real. Enquiring minds want to know! For more background on the lawsuit against the National Enquirer Visit This Story

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