Barack Obama's Enhanced Interrogation
Barack Obama's Enhanced Interrogation
Barack Obama's Enhanced Interrogation. Enhanced interrogation is still needed What's in this room would make anyone talk. It seems "Borschtboarding" has replaced Waterboarding. FYI: Providing the soothing, yet annoying accordion music is none other than "geriatric." Thanks to geriatric for allowing me to defile his image.
Member reactions:
"...and Frankie Jerkovic on accordion playing: 'My Little Yiddish Bombshell'." KABOOMSKI. Looks like a winner.
Thanks, geriatric. That's one talented accordion player, no.
I don't know-I play the Harmonica but, his flannel shorts are cool.
In Canada the accordion player would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.....excellent work
"What can I say. When you want to be annoyed-call Geriatric. Who's next...."
geriatric...Thanks for being a good sport.
Looks like I have driven all the voters away so, I had better shut-up.Good Luck HIDDEN.
, what the pig is doing.
It's hysterical. Torture with borscht, hahaha.
Heeey, it's geri with an accordion. Super.
Thanks, krrish...pig is sniffing for Truffles. .
Thanks, Newsy. Yep...geri is the Lawrence Welk of our generation.
"Turn-ON the Bubble Machine...we have a Winner."
LoL the Shatner record
Thanks, G-Man...couldn't have done it without you. Thanks, Miss Kellie...Bill's a great should get his albums...Bwahahahah. I dare you.
, William Shatner sings would do it for me. Congrats Paul
Congrats on the wood, Paul. As a bonus you get a complimentary can of borscht autographed by Obama.
Thanks, Newsy. I'll take the can of borscht only if it comes with a 32-ounce Rib Eye steak.

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