, Congrats on the win, Mr Bean sure gets around a lot, Good one.
Lol Cute and clever innit. Great Charles Pose. Congrats DD.
Awesome, quality work.. Congrats on the Silver DeadDog..
Faired better than I thought it would, thanks everyone.
Humorous Chop'n, DD. Congrats on the Cup.

Funny Giant Crab Invades England

Giant Crab Invades England
Don't Panic.Crabzilla is only dangerous if you come in direct contact. Everything will be fine.
Member reactions:
The original view totally rocks my world. A freaking beauty.
This is English humor. Freaking hilarious.

Funny The Queen and Elton John the New Church of England Bishops

The Queen and Elton John the New Church of England Bishops
Church of England General Synod approves female bishops
Member reactions:
Great choice of story and decent chopping job.

Funny Little Lion King of England

Little Lion King of England
Member reactions:
Very Cute Good to see the Fireworks around him
Crazy to get the throne and putting a crying face after getting it like the sword coming out of it
Thanks Doc, Raj, balodiya, eric and geri. Frigging missed the vote again. I was so entrenched in a chop I lost all other focus
Congrads on the Silver Cup, great chop me thinks.
Thanks Bob, HH, Geri und da Vanderer. I can't believe how many homely kids are posted in this contest
Silver congrats, Hits. Love the sword reference to the old King Arthur's legend.
Thanks Hobbit, Newsey. Yeah the Arthur thing was a no-brainer for me, love the legend and very savvy of you to pick up on it. For a Rooski fellow you sure know a lot about a lot of things. You sort of blow the stereotype of the cloistered Iron Curtain type all to hello I doubt you even speak English with a Russian accent Of course I am old and remember Nikita banging his frikin shoe on the table hahhahahahaha

Funny Queen of England Cyborg

Queen of England Cyborg
Queen of England and Husband Price Phillip visiting 3d cinema in the UK. Later they went on to annihilate SkyNet
Member reactions:
Freaking love this piece. But what a real shame it's a small image
Do you have a bigger version. You can click edit and upload the new version
Was initially a small and very quick 600 px image, created for a news programme on UK TV. Loses some quality in the resize. All future submissions will be higher res.
Thanks for the bigger version - it looks great. Remember bigger images (width over 750 pixels) will always get you higher votes. I can see it was featured in a TV programme - it's worth featuring.

Funny King and Prince Charles of England

King and Prince Charles of England
Based on EL GRECO’s painting (ca 1592–95)
Member reactions:
Oh gawd blimey This so rocks.
love it
Congrats on the gold pixjockey, great chop.
haha totally funny.... great job pix....congratulationssss.

Funny Dali Visits England

Dali Visits England
Dali's gal visits England.
Member reactions:
Artistic. I love how you matched the painting style own preference, you could've slimmed the hips a bit more, , but nice job. (I think that's Dali's wife, I think her name was Gala., I'm not sure.)
I'm sure that clock wasn't there yesterday.

Funny England and Russia Rubik's Cube

England and Russia Rubik's Cube
Member reactions:
Fair composition. Full view shows that the book source is a bit blurry and the cube's shadow may need to be stretched a bit more in the same direction as the book's.
Great idea. I would work on the cube a bit: put shadows on bottom and tone down the cube's color.

Funny Queen of England with a Small Head

Queen of England with a Small Head
It saves the Queen...
Member reactions:
She must have been putting milk in her tea.
The gilded woodwork behind her on the doors lost some of it's texture. But it's still an great chop.

Funny Mad Cow in England

Mad Cow in England
Taking the phrase "Mad Cow" to a whole new level. The Story Full View is much better.

Funny England vs Russia

England vs Russia
Relationships between Russia and Great Britain became worse than during the cold war. The political split between the two countries started when Britain demanded that former KGB operative Andrei Lugovoi is extradited from Russia and is tried in England over the charges of poisoning the former spy Alexander Litvinenko. Russia did not meet the British demands which followed in extradition of several diplomats from each side and declaration from Russia that it will no longer allow any British officials to enter the country, nor will it send its officials to England. Russia also officially ended the cooperation with Britain in the fight with terrorism. Poisoned Alexander Litvinenko was a former Russian spy who immigrated to Great Britain and became an avid critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin and the whole "Kremlin regime". Let us help Russia and England become close to each other by combining any elements associated with the two countries. Some good examples may be - combining Russian and English currency; merging President Putin and Prime Minister Gordon Brown into one person, merging Big Ben and Kremlin architechural complexes, etc.

Funny New England Floods

New England Floods
Show creative ways to fight or cope with floods in New England.

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