The New England Swimming Pool
The New England Swimming Pool
The New England Swimming Pool. The pool is only open during flood season.
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Funny New England Underwater

New England Underwater
Flood. What Flood. (View Full Por Favor)
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Yes, when you fart underwater, it "shows"
That's bad. But funny. .

Funny New England Breaking News

New England Breaking News
Dang, Now that is COLD...
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Thanks there are 5 different pictures in this entry

Funny Fraser Forster England

Fraser Forster England

Funny Harry Winks England

Harry Winks England
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Some things to fix: - Soccer referees always play in shorts - France never plays in red - Your English footballer (in blue) carries the flag of Italy

Funny Harry Kane England

Harry Kane England

Funny England Stuck with Scotland

England Stuck with Scotland
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United Kingdom survives.
Decent work, but I think the lower (gray) half is not needed or at least can be shrunk in size - too much unused space there

Funny Hiroito the Queen of England

Hiroito the Queen of England
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It looks like he is a big brother of the queen.... dress like her to protect his identity

Funny Queen of England Homeless

Queen of England Homeless
U.K. faces sharpest spending cuts since WWII
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This contest requires you supply a news story between October 18 - 24, 2010. Could you please do so.
. Kellie, it was just on the news that england was having the largest cutbacks in their history. They will be mothballing a brand new aircraft carrier thats not even finished yet, eliminating 17,000 military personel, retiring an entire fighter squadron and the Queen, who is in the picture as a bum, will be forced to cut back on her staff. The story broke on the 20th.
What kellie is saying hidden is that the week in pictures contests require that you "add a news link" in the authors comments box to that news story as per the contest rules.
Kellie, macwithfries....... sorry, now I get it. Thanks for your patience.
dont worry mate... all worked out now..funny as chop...
All good now. Great choice of news and decent work. I wish the image was bigger though (looks like you had to work with a low-resolution sources)
Low-res it was..... but I had to use it. Is there another way besides just surfing the net.

Funny King Kong Visits England

King Kong Visits England
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Funny idea. Would have been even better with some shadows and some work to better integrate King Kong in this picture taking into account the main light source, but it's still a nice chop which deserved being viewed in full size.

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