Prince William Royal Engagement
Prince William Royal Engagement
Prince William Royal Engagement. Member reactions:
Quality work. I like the caricaturization here. The mouse on the shoulder and cat looking at it is a nice idea
Chili nice.. i love chops that tell a story ,,.

Funny Mushroom Engagement Ring

Mushroom Engagement Ring
I've heard of mushroom growing in rings before, So I made a mushroom ring

Funny Engagement Ring Promise

Engagement Ring Promise
Sorry Honey...Times are hard, but I owe you the ya.
Member reactions:
You can justify it as ring so for ring Diamond is not required.... so pay it off as Tax

Funny Taxed Engagement Ring

Taxed Engagement Ring
Well half a diamond is better then nothing, I think

Funny Engagement ring

Engagement ring
Member reactions:
Decent idea, and a new take on the theme. I think if you centered a bit more on the machines, and then removed all the jewelry and replaced the necklaces etc. with all engagment rings this would be an Excellent entry.
Be a big improvement if the sign "engagement rings" was clear and like midian says, a close up of the actual box.

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