Waiting For Him At The End of Day
Waiting For Him At The End of Day
Waiting For Him At The End of Day. Member reactions:
Cat insertion is absolutely a great touch.
I really LOVE the mood you set on this one. Would be a fantastic romance novel book cover. Great work
, RobbNewman - I agree. I had no story in mind, until I thought "who is she looking for out that window." and BOOM. Added her man/husband/killer coming to get her wish I'd thought a bit more. Coulda put a holster and gun on her hip, with her hand at that angle, it looks a bit like she's "reaching for it"
Thanks. (You know this was my tribute to you.)
You were swimming with the sharks today. Great entry, top 5 congrats...
Thanks. I appreciate it. Nice colors and lots of cool details...Just a small critique about the shadows around the window and under the chair...could use a bit of TLC, but great job overall.
I ran out of time. Life got in the way. I had to rush the cat, as it was.

Funny Space the Never ending Pi

Space the Never ending Pi

Funny His recharge wasn't ended !

His recharge wasn't ended !
Member reactions:
He needed a recharge after the first 4 years

Funny The epic negotiating session ended Friday 13th

The epic negotiating session ended Friday 13th
Ukraine crisis. Please see original.
Member reactions:
Good collection... like the Jason concept... he looks scary good one
I stopped counting at nearly 30 object. Great work but really necessary .
Congrats on the silver, Andrew. Even the poster for the Friday the 13th movie is here, cool.

Funny The End

The End
End Of Show
Member reactions:
Super caricature of all, rich work to the highest paid actors
Wonderful work - I like that these caricatures are very recognizable.
Tough contest but, you shine with the rest of the great Choppers at FN.

Funny Working day has ended

Working day has ended
Member reactions:
Nice Job. A very Original take on an OOB chop.

Funny Day s work was ended

Day s work was ended
Member reactions:
nice work great colors

Funny End of service

End of service

Funny End of the Football Season

End of the Football Season
Member reactions:
Excellent chop, but I would consider brightening shadows here. It's hard to see much through them

Funny Highway Line Painters Dead End Job

Highway Line Painters Dead End Job
This artist is a little obsessed with her work... no one really knows how long she's been working, but it seems her sidewalk turned to road art has taken a turn for the worse.
Member reactions:
Turned right onto road-kill road Scorpion is a nice touch
This is dead road and making by this sweet gitl....
Got a woody for your fine work. Well done.

Funny The End of the World, 12.21.2012

The End of the World, 12.21.2012
Fears that the end of the world will happen on December 21, as predicted by the Mayan calendar, are spreading across the globe, as there are only days remaining until the supposed doomsday. Some people are stocking up on food and supplies, building underground shelters, others are getting their affairs in order to be ready for the last day in their life, and in the history of Earth. The truth is, the Mayan calendar started around August 11, 3114 B.C, and it did not account for leap years, so by the Mayan calendar today would be May 8, 2014, and the end of the world would have already happened 16 months ago. Show how any people or businesses would prepare for the end of the world and how they meet it. Some examples are - show special apocalyptic products by the famous companies, last wills written by celebrities and politicians, apocalyptic magazine covers, and anything you can think of that's related to the "upcoming" Apocalypse on December 21, 2012.

Funny End of the World

End of the World
Show how, in your opinion, politicians and celebrities might have spent the last day of their lives in the end of the world - at their present age or their older days.

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