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Funny End Pictures

Dead End JobFunny Dead End Job
Member reactions:
This artist is a little obsessed with her work... no one really knows how long she's been working, but it seems her sidewalk turned to road art has taken a turn for the worse.
Turned right onto road-kill road Scorpion is a nice touch
This is dead road and making by this sweet gitl....
Got a woody for your fine work. Well done.

At the end of your ropeFunny At the end of your rope
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Count your moves before you leap Like the bald eagle trying to save his president

End Of World AppFunny End Of World App
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And another flawless chop from the master of flawlessness.

Somerhalder, end of the world the legendFunny Somerhalder, end of the world the legend
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Please view full screen.
Excellent job, hidden. If I can make a suggestion...the base of the pedestal looks level, while the tile looks slanted down. If you'd put an extension of the blocks on each end of the pedestal base, it would look like it was touching the tiles. JMO.
great job, I agree with Pcrdds, The column does not follow the perspective of the floor.
Thank you very much for your comment and observations, comments, too. Unfortunately, I can not just fix the bugs because I'm at school and the police do not have computers at my place. I apologize for it, as well as errors in the image.
Great illuminated background and the roaring tiger stoles the show here
Bronze congrats, ama. Great to see you back.
Congratulations Amadeus. Freaking Superb.
Thank you very much for all the congratulations, nice of you. Excuse me, now that I write back, but all day long shooting range and there was no signal for mobile internet networks.

End of a friendshipFunny End of a friendship
Member reactions:

So are we trading him for Snowden. If so we're going to be really screwing Russia.
Wait,,, We could throw in Hillary and Nancy Policy and Harry Reed. uhh on second thought, that would be a triple screwing. Well I can dream can't I.
They're actually just showing him where the bathroom is aren't they . I know when he first went to the White House he tried to go in thru a window thinking it was a door
Ha ha ha Above comments made me laugh louder
Hat's off to you creativity Well imagined and created this awesome chop.... looks like Obama is arrested

Egypt..where it all endsFunny Egypt..where it all ends
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don't think there will be too many tourists . Lol
Very innovative message given and crazy invitation

Snail Wars: End of the SALT TreatyFunny Snail Wars: End of the SALT Treaty
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Mutually Assured Salinization was Snailkind's last, best hope.

Birthday party is over! No happy ending as usual.Funny Birthday party is over! No happy ending as usual.
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Dear Quentin Tarantino, If you liked the picture call me I have a ton of scripts for your movies.
a gooood work, great atmosphere, beautiful job my friend
It looks like they had a wonderful time...

End Of The TripFunny End Of The Trip
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End Of The Trip
End of trip and End of life... good reflection

Games EndFunny Games End
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Sources Stock at: Inadesign
I wonder if the blind guy knows he doesn't have a picture in that frame.
Thanks for the comment Gummy. I'm sure the seeing eye dog he's holding would have told him that the frame is empty.
Awesome job done nice wall putty with a lamp giving a glow to it and the Empty frame indicates emptiness in his life good job done
Thanks for all the great comments Gummy, Steve, Rajesh, Suni, Eric, PsMandrake, And Thanks to all that voted. ~~
Very creative and allegorical. Congrats on the wood too, SS.
Thank you very much, Paul, geriatric and N-Master. -->~~ Fears that the end of the world will happen on December 21, as predicted by the Mayan calendar, are spreading across the globe, as there are only days remaining until the supposed doomsday. Some people are stocking up on food and supplies, building underground shelters, others are getting their affairs in order to be ready for the last day in their life, and in the history of Earth. The truth is, the Mayan calendar started around August 11, 3114 B.C, and it did not account for leap years, so by the Mayan calendar today would be May 8, 2014, and the end of the world would have already happened 16 months ago. Show how any people or businesses would prepare for the end of the world and how they meet it. Some examples are - show special apocalyptic products by the famous companies, last wills written by celebrities and politicians, apocalyptic magazine covers, and anything you can think of that's related to the "upcoming" Apocalypse on December 21, 2012.

End of the WorldFunny End of the World - Show how, in your opinion, politicians and celebrities might have spent the last day of their lives in the end of the world - at their present age or their older days.

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