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Funny Emu Pictures

Emu PilotFunny Emu Pilot
Member reactions:

Terrific idea. Very nice work. Your Emu will definatly show those arrogant little flying birds a thing or two when he's smoking them at mach5 and blowing them through his jets like so much pillow stuffin'.
fantastic idea amd well done, just alittle attention on the border of the freathers

Emu catFunny Emu cat
Member reactions:

Brilliant. It's good that you picked a cat whose color would match well with the Emu.
Very nice minor thing that I can see is up by the chin. The throat would be cut in more where it goes into the beak. Nice job matching source pics.

EmuFunny Emu
Member reactions:
The rare man-eating emu
You have turned my cute little Emu into a ravaging man eating beast...I like it.

Emu SharkFunny Emu Shark
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Back in the neolithic time when emus' first came into being they used to fly around chased by massive meat eating bats (bigusbityusleatherything) that ate them for fun. evolution found that if they were on the ground the bats couldnt get to them because of the dence jungle they lived in and they developed into the non flying bird as a result, not using the wings made them become underdeveloped for flying and larger more powerfull legs developing to run away from the trex which now ate them for fun I can talk some utter cr** sometimes
It was all truth, I know it to be so hahahahahahahaha... This should have f--kin won mate. Brilliant idea. I am spilling schip I'm laughing so hard. 10 to one this goes viral someday
thanks hits mate. I was giggling like a demented schoolboy all the time I was making this
It's freaky and hilarious at the same time.

Feeding the EmuFunny Feeding the Emu
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Emu DanceFunny Emu Dance
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Gator and Emu bootsFunny Gator and Emu boots
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This is how gator and emu got booted from Florida

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