Emu with Bite
Emu with Bite
Emu with Bite.

Funny Emu After Being Tasered

Emu After Being Tasered
. Florida Deputies Taser Plop-Plop the Unruly Emu .
Member reactions:
hey congratulations --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->))
Looks like this emu got wood - that's why. Congratulations, Steve.
Thanks for the Kudos, everyone.

Funny Cactus Emu

Cactus Emu

Funny Emu of Death at Night

Emu of Death at Night
Bird Of Paradise. I Think Not.
Member reactions:
Artistic work, and scary too. Could make a decent movie poster.
Does that mean "Give Death the Bird".. hehe Congrats Baba

Funny Emu with Two Heads

Emu with Two Heads

Funny Emu Dressed as Dracula

Emu Dressed as Dracula
I Vant to bite You
Member reactions:
vampire... dont suck my ##....

Funny Emu Dentist

Emu Dentist
Member reactions:
You think he's a Screaming Eagle NOW. Just wait until he gets the bill.
Nice work on the emu specially on the feathered arms (awsome), but a dentist for an eagle.

Funny Emu cat

Emu cat
Member reactions:
Brilliant. It's good that you picked a cat whose color would match well with the Emu.
Very nice job...one minor thing that I can see is up by the chin. The throat would be cut in more where it goes into the beak. Nice job matching source pics.

Funny Emu

The rare man-eating emu
Member reactions:
You have turned my cute little Emu into a ravaging man eating beast...I like it.

Funny toothy Emu

toothy Emu

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