Santorum's Emporium
Santorum's Emporium
Santorum's Emporium. Santorumís Signature Sweater Vests Raise $300,000 for Campaign
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... Nice detail in the image great job to put the folks on this business, nice sweaters hanged up
Congrats JimShorts, Really liked this one alot. I voted my heart out.
Woody congrats JimShorts ....
Woody Congrats JS ... Great looking chop and funny with nice detail.
Me likes a lot. Congrats on the wood, Jim.

Funny Vlad's Freaking Emporium

Vlad's Freaking Emporium
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This totally needs to be viewed in full. So many details - and the names, the names.
excellent awesome and detailed.i love how you put FN members name on the bench.and the no dogs allowed,.
Great work BF. Good to see you added some weight to your mantle
Burntfaery i love this image it made me smile
Congrats. Excellent work BF, really love this one. thanks for the shout-out on the bench
totaly awesome work , congrats on the woody and keep going
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