Trump  Emo
Trump  Emo
Trump Emo. Trump Emo

Funny Emo Clown Covered in Blood

Emo Clown Covered in Blood
PLEASE VIEW FULL SCREEN Original face drawn by my friend AKU on Flickr
Member reactions:
Good one, looks innocent with bloody scars, good change in the hair color and the kitten addition is remarkable
Love it, its so cute girl holding her demon
Wonderful Style** Fabulous Art*** Wonderfully Done* This is new from you. But it did cross my mind at one time that this may be your work. Thumbs Up*

Funny Emo Barack Obama

Emo Barack Obama

Funny Emo Pop Art

Emo Pop Art
Thermal imaging used to find an Emo girl in the woods who had overdosed on Tylenol and Vodka. Sources
Member reactions:
Man, the spider. Cool chop, looks almost psychedelic
thanks guys, just wanted to see if I could do thermal imaging in PS, turns out it's pretty simple. Gradient and blur.

Funny Emo George Clooney

Emo George Clooney
Photo source here

Funny Emo Obama's House

Emo Obama's House
I took a house and chop it but did the moon a little of splatter around it, and wooden freak show sign made by myself with a texture of wood. and some other basic stuff.

Funny The Emo iCut from Apple

The Emo iCut from Apple
I really can't stand emo kids, sooo faux goth. Then again, I can't stand goth kids either..
Member reactions:
Well, maybe its just me, but I thought girls pants were for girls.. haha

Funny Part-Time Skier, Full-Time Emo

Part-Time Skier, Full-Time Emo
Look carefully at the face to see where I have used the provided contest image.
Member reactions:
I have looked at it from all angles and I can see a hand and what I assume to be blue hair but I cannot see a face. I like this style of drawing though.
I'm confused. Is this one of those things you stare at for five minutes and still don't see what you are supposed to.
You can see the ski goggles smack bang in the middle of the clump of hair. The tear is under one of the eye peices of the goggles too.
gotcha, really subtle. like the artwork though.
AP- Zigfried Lichtenstein - Attacked today by his own paints was pulled from the Hudson and rushed to MOMA for resteration.

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