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Funny Emergency Pictures

Marriage Emergency Demotivational PosterFunny Marriage Emergency Demotivational Poster
Member reactions:
Better than to have never loved at all
Decent work. Agreed with "Better than to have never loved at all"

Shuttle Emergency Landing in Up MovieFunny Shuttle Emergency Landing in Up Movie
Member reactions:

Exactly like the poster besides pasting the shuttle in there must have took a whole 2 minites.
Tea did u miss the space helmets... This would'v taken more than 2min believe me. Well blended
Yea I didnt see the helmet It would of taken 5 or 10 more minites but original is the key not to use the same pic. Not just 3 little crops. Mine is orginal hand drawed On my pc.
Next time I will gtab some movies pic and add a couple of things
Tea I have seen your entries & really they did not follow the theme of the contest To celebrate the 49th anniversary of the first human spaceflight, add space theme to any movie or work of art (painting, drawing, fresco). As far as I can see your images were not known works of art, and if so u should have added sources to receive a better score. Sometimes it is the "2min" chops that do well, as anyone here will say, I am sure they have spent hrs on a piece only to find the piece that did take 2min trumps it in the voting.
I love the helmet on the dog ... my only beef with this one is the perspective of the "Emergency Landing" Text could have been a bit better but over all funny chop

Emergency landingFunny Emergency landing
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Emergency CoffeeFunny Emergency Coffee
Member reactions:

This coffee has been in this glass case for many a year but,if prices keep going up I'll have to break it.
Give me a hammer it's an emergency.Good one and it looks great.
Quality work. Makes me wanna drink an emergency cup of coffee right now.
Congrats Hobbit Coffee w/ chicory, argh that's some nasty tasting stuff. No wonder the glass is unbroken...hehe

Emergency LandingFunny Emergency Landing
Member reactions:

It's just a matter of time...
Very artistic. Looks like a movie poster.
awesome work however, not convincing evidence for the proof of UFO's.
There isn't any evidence and that was the it's called future vision which is 100% probable at some point in time

Florida Hurricane Emergency SystemFunny Florida Hurricane Emergency System
Member reactions:

Your tax dollars at work.

Car Emergency ButtonsFunny Car Emergency Buttons
Member reactions:

Truth in advertising laws are slowly bringing new features to your GM car.
This is genuis. You da man...or woman depending on your private parts. I just like this so much.
Sweet idea.
Can't wait for the OnStar commercial for this. Will he lisp. Great idea well done.

Emergency Room - Doctors QuitFunny Emergency Room - Doctors Quit
Member reactions:

"Subsequently this meant the end of E.R. TV series too..."
Great idea.. I would have hand written the note but thats just me
Hand written notes by doctors. Nobody would be able to read them

911 What's ur Emergency Funny 911 What's ur Emergency
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Used ONLY in Emergencies!Funny Used ONLY in Emergencies!
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Emergency PostersFunny Emergency Posters - Create emergency posters or wallet cards for kids and companies that will better prepare them for a potential emergency or crisis. Feel free to create your own mascots, or use politicians and celebrities in your ad posters.

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