Democratic Christmas Elves
Democratic Christmas Elves
Democratic Christmas Elves. Member reactions:
Great creative work.... All small kiddes were having Gin and Bells Gin and Bells all the Way Santa Claus will come over again

Funny Barack Obama Santa and Joe Biden the Elf

Barack Obama Santa and Joe Biden the Elf
Member reactions:
Obama looks awesome in the Santa attire and Biden is enjoying all the gifts from Obama good and funny job done
It was my favorite in the contest, bronze congrats Jimshorts.

Funny Terminator 5 Rise of the Elves at Christmas

Terminator 5 Rise of the Elves at Christmas
Who else could visit and destroy the entire world in a single night.
Member reactions:
excellent poster design looks like a real movie productions were going on good one
Very cool placement in poster its very impressive work of poster
Very creative. One of my favorite chops in the contest

Funny Elves in a Red Car with Zombies

Elves in a Red Car with Zombies
Why wait until the zombies get to the stores. Just go get them at the source.
Member reactions:
Good use of Three wheeler to hunt and patrol the Zombies well done and love your idea
Nice use of source using lights and poster is very nice
Good Scary faces nice effects. Great view.

Funny Paul Ryan the Elf

Paul Ryan the Elf
Back to 20th Century
Member reactions:
Like his shoes ... great work in choosing that background
Its different and nice smile on his face with that crazy costume very very nicely done

Funny Elf Kirsten Dunst Smoking Marijuana

Elf Kirsten Dunst Smoking Marijuana
Member reactions:
Excellent ... her dream of having weed is been fulfilled excellent work with the green glare and the cigar , smoke and the tattoo is really great and the Ears like witch is fantastic good job done
So crisp and clear, great to see this work with fantastic shadowing and color balance. wonderful effects
Look like the Avtaar girl Very Nice. Excellent work done
Congrats PixJockey (I tought it was a sunshine's job)
One of your best entries, I think. You received a '10', from me, for this image. Congratulations.
The smoking monkey sells this image for me.
Masters of Manipulation, what new. wonderful work, congrads.

Funny Evil Barack Obama Elf

Evil Barack Obama Elf
Obama's Christmas

Funny Herman Cain as Santa with Mitt Romney Elf

Herman Cain as Santa with Mitt Romney Elf
Well of course he became Santa...
Member reactions:
Just Freaking Great. Lots of incredible work done here.
You get an A for taking the time to lift the freaking Christmas tree lights.
doggy i was so tired. i stayed up all night.
Mr. Cain & Bubbles do Christmas:Hilarious.
Crazy santa where is my Pizza
Congrats pee, awesome job, lots a freaking work.
Super Duper Gold pree. Great caricatures.
Congrats Kerri one the Gold , This has been your month of all good things your way ,Merry X-mas to a awesome chop ....
Congrats Pree, Awesome work.. Cain's expression is priceless and the lights are a Nice touch. It kinda ties the comp together. My only nit pick is the lighting direction on the white guys face...seems like it should be in the direction coming from the candle.
funkwood thanks its whitelight coming from the mooon
Excellent as always my Dear, always a lost for words, Big Congratulations.
Fair enough Pree, I can see that now. But if that were the case wouldn't we see Highlights on the left side of his body too.
Totally excellent, awesome, superb, stupendous, magnificent...and funny too. Adding to faves.

Funny Elf Woman

Elf Woman

Funny Svana the Elf Woman

Svana the Elf Woman

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