Irradiate Me Elmo
Irradiate Me Elmo
Irradiate Me Elmo. The next Hot gift for Xmas
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Hilarious toy, and the warning.

Funny Lady with Elmo in Raphael Painting

Lady with Elmo in Raphael Painting

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nicely done
Thanks macwithfries Coelhito GrannieAnnie Newsmaster =))
Very simple modernization but totally effective. Great idea.

Funny Elmo Busted Mugshot

Elmo Busted Mugshot
I just thought this would be a funny way to portray Elmo

Funny Elmo's Stigmata

Elmo's Stigmata
This is a never before seen photo of, The pious St.Elmo(Patron Saint of Muppets)at the time he received the wounds of Christ.

Funny Pickled Tickle Me Elmo

Pickled Tickle Me Elmo
Did this one for my nephew who absolutely LOVES Elmo
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Bwahahaha....pickle me elmo. That cracks me up
Hahahahaha my kinda pun. That's a keeper.
needs some shadowing from big bird's hands onto jar.
Wayyyy too cute

Funny Jack Black and Elmo with Mouth Eyes

Jack Black and Elmo with Mouth Eyes

Funny Pope Elmo

Pope Elmo
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Very nice, love the impact of red and white against black.

Funny Elmo in Alphabet Killer Movie

Elmo in Alphabet Killer Movie
Original Poster
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Oohhh...good idea KB. I'm gonna go do that right now. Thanks.
No problem...that's why we're all here isn't it. To help each other chop to the fullest.
Nice ... me Street will never be the same....
the characters below should change from the new character put on top of poster.i think.
One of my favorites in the contest. Quality work, Deb.
Love it, great work. You think my 2 and 3 year old should see it.

Funny Queen Knighting Elmo Painting

Queen Knighting Elmo Painting
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funny and weird idea. i love it. unfortunately the picture is so blurry in full view.
true talent. nice work.

Funny Pickle Me Elmo in a Jar

Pickle Me Elmo in a Jar
Pickle Me Elmo. The most anticipated toy of the season.
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The play on Pickle=Tickle is brilliant. I also wanted to caption it as "Bonsai Elmo" in line with "Bonsai Kitten" urban legend Great thinking. Love the warning sign on the box
great idea, but the box and nuts distract me from the Pickle Me Elmo, also i think Elmo would look better at the center of the image. Even that this image are great, bubbles are nice touch. Thanks for the sources.
This pickled Elmo is hilarious. It's got me .... Excellent job.
. Hillarious Pickle me elmo.... still giggling.
, excellent entry, elmo in the jar looks great, the water bubbles too
I agree, it should just be the jar, but great idea
i forgot to say: this most be on top 3 Newsy the sign on the box is from original design
the idea is their, but the 'blur box' background distract the whole pic.
Thanks guys. Skorpion, the original sign says tickle, not pickle, which is what I think Newsy is referring to.
Skorpion, the original sign says tickle, not pickle, which is what I think Newsy is referring to. Ahhhhh..... Oops. Sorry loose that detail. Congratulations about the POTD selection of this work, well deserved

Funny Elmo

[ 10 years ago an annoying laughing electronic doll named Elmo was introduced to the market, setting the latest craze among toddlers, and fueling mass hysteria among Santa's little helpers (a.k.a. parents). This Tuesday, Mattel Inc. - the producers of Tickle Me Elmo - marked the toy's 10th anniversary by introducing Elmos' new version called "T.M.X. Elmo", which stands for "Tickle Me Extreme Elmo", which has more tickle spots and once tickled starts slapping his knee, falling on his back and convulsing, getting back up, falling on his side, rolling to his front, slapping the floor, getting back up. ] They called it Elmo "Extreme" edition, because Elmo "Epileptic" would not sound as cool, and most toddlers don't know what "epileptic" is. But let me tell you this straight now - if you are parents of toddlers - you either buy this stupid laughing toy for Christmas or turn into LAUGHINGSTOCKS of the playground because ALL THE OTHER BABIES HAVE T.M.X ELMO WAAAH. Get the picture? Oh, and when you buy this hairy monster you'll have to give it two test-tickles, and if it laughs - you know you've got the "extreme" edition. To mark the Elmo's 10th anniversary, you are asked to photoshop one of the following: 1) Design your own new version of Tickle Me Elmo. Give it a new name if you wish. 2) Show Tickle Me Elmo living real life (not as a toy) having a job, family, etc. 3) Include Elmo in things / objects it does not normally belong - movies, paintings, etc.

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