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Funny Ellen Pictures

Ellen & BruceFunny Ellen & Bruce
Member reactions:

Cool beans - looks like something People mag would actually post - their stories are sort of on the same level
You make Jenner way too believable as a woman, Jim. Nice chop..

Ellen DeBeardedFunny Ellen DeBearded
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Ellen DeGeneres Digitally DisintegratingFunny Ellen DeGeneres Digitally Disintegrating
Member reactions:
my first bigger thing with photoshop.

Ellen DeGeneres as a ManFunny Ellen DeGeneres as a Man
Member reactions:

Please view in Hi-Res
Excellent caricature and clean work, made even better by the moustache.
Thanks for your comments everyone, and pcrdds, thanks, unfortunately many voters felt it deserved a 6 even though it finished 7th out of 75 . . . ( two 5's and a 4 also)
She freaking looks perfect with this mustache.
Really great caricature even without the mustache.... should have finished much higher, in my humble opinion. People who vote 5 and 4 either don't know what they are looking at or are trying to sway the contest...booooo.
Thank you geneg . . . I appreciate that.

Perfume by Ellen DegeneresFunny Perfume by Ellen Degeneres
Member reactions:

Perfume by Ellen
Hahaha, the perfume name is a genius creation.

Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres` Golden UnderwearFunny Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres` Golden Underwear
Member reactions:

Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres' Golden Underwear during Golden Globe Roasting. Can make you cringe, but Sooo funny.
Nice chop, and thanks for the youtube link - had a good laugh.

Ellen Degeneres as DoryFunny Ellen Degeneres as Dory
Member reactions:

dory degeneres will take over ellen

Ellen , Chaplin, and BrunoFunny Ellen , Chaplin, and Bruno
Member reactions:

Eyes.. Ellen Degeneres Mouth and stash..Charlie Chaplin Body and head...Bruno and of course Buckwheat too.

Ellen Degeneris Upside DownFunny Ellen Degeneris Upside Down
Member reactions:

Ellen Degeneris

 Ellen DeGeneres weddingFunny Ellen DeGeneres wedding
Member reactions:

Portia de Rossia and Ellen DeGeneres wedding
Two totally wonderful women, hope their lives together are happy as much as the happiness & smiles Ellen gives the resta the world. Lovely imagery.
I hope they have long and happy lives together.
Great image of two wonderful ladies. This would have made a great news contest entry too.
Quality illustration effect here - excellent work

Ellen DeGeneresFunny Ellen DeGeneres - Ellen DeGeneres celebrates her 50th birthday today. Stand up comedian, actress, talk show host, and one of the most famous lesbians, Ellen has had quite a colorful career and personal life. On her show - The Ellen Degeneres Show - Ellen often mentions that she likes to spend time with her girlfriend and watching movies; she loves tennis shoes, animals, nature, and clothes. To mark the 50th birthday of Ellen DeGeneres, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what movies Ellen could have starred in, what professions she could have chosen, how she might look in the future, merging Ellen with other celebrities, etc.

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