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Elegant Mercedes Benz 170V
Elegant Mercedes Benz 170V.

Funny An Elegant Farm House

An Elegant Farm House
I completely recreated this entire scene from scratch. I approached this project as though I were building an actual house (I even went to homedepot.com to search for supplies). I think I spent a total of about 10 hours on and off on this design. I hope everyone likes it.
Member reactions:
The work is awesome, I love it. EDIT: Thanks for removing the black stripes.
... Let me say that again, ... I'm sure I could nit pick this and find things you could fix, but I'm not going to. I'm just going to say ....
Who's your contractor... He does great work Nice Chop.. Good Luck
congratulations of the topper (in advance)
Very nice work. The porch roof doesn't quite follow the siding line on the front of the house. Other than that, excellent ...
Overall effect convincing, some errors in the slant of the planks under the porch, shade on the steps.
way cool. The hours spent on this paid off.
This is so good. Well done. And you built on such a solid foundation too.
beautiful scene, but the trees at the left side look kind blur at edges, nice work on grass and flowers
no problem other than the color seems flat on the lawn, the far left wall of the house needs some more shading, as it is in the shade. Veddy cool.
i can still find some minor off bit but that's fine, still great...lots of work.
... I did the same search and recognise one of the chairs. Lovely job... well done.
Goodwork, howeveryou seem to have your seasons mixed. How come the lawn's grass is so green, while for once, the grass on the other side is 'dry yellow'. These trees are also evergreen and autmnal at the same time.... Now, that is funny....
i can't go to other side its simple simply superb. I gave you 10+2
Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

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