Electronic Voting Machines Steal Elections
Electronic Voting Machines Steal Elections
Electronic Voting Machines Steal Elections. Electronic Voting Machines Designed to Steal Elections
Member reactions:
Good freaking idea Nice Promo of the election
... Nice concept... I will push that button and take Iphone 5 great idea to evade confusion among voters ... This will work on the undecided voters
Clever composition, and superb execution, Gigmonger.

Funny The Electronic Sundial Wristwatch

The Electronic Sundial Wristwatch
Member reactions:
I like this watch, its shows both digital and analog time wonderful dial and great design inside
Superb Dial of the watch Excellent job done
Wonderful Engineering work, love this techno gadget
Top photoshop work. Congrats on the bronze, Puro.

Funny Electronic Cat Eating Mouse

Electronic Cat Eating Mouse
IBM simulates cat, maps human brain to improve chip tech

Funny Electronic Bugs Digital Art

Electronic Bugs Digital Art
Member reactions:
Nice work, Noelle. And congrats on your first trophy. You'll prolly get hooked on Freakin News like the rest of us.
Quite original, unlike Bean Bugs or Remi Bugs Congrats.

Funny Electronic Gadget Pocket Knife

Electronic Gadget Pocket Knife

Funny Electronic Postage Stamp

Electronic Postage Stamp
in the future the electronic mails will need a electronic stamp

Funny Personal Electronic Safety Helmet

Personal Electronic Safety Helmet
The newest in personal protection gear for, well, everyone. (We of course cannot discriminate...) Please Full View

Funny iQuit Electronic Smoking Deterrent Advert

iQuit Electronic Smoking Deterrent Advert
iQuit, the latest in portable smoking aversion therapy. View full for a bigger shock.
Member reactions:
Nice work. A bit complex, but worth the tme.
I can tell you spent along time on this. Wonderfully done
This is friggin' brilliant as may be. Full view twice as brilliant though. Love it.

Funny Electronic Voting with BSOD

Electronic Voting with BSOD
it's inevetable

Funny Toilet Electronic Voting

Toilet Electronic Voting
Don't forget to flush...

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