Trump Finds Electricity!
Trump Finds Electricity!
Trump Finds Electricity!. Member reactions:
Super hair but head on the shirt shouldn't be so bright.
ok luciano, I tried to make it ghostlike I'll calm it down a bit
Congrats on the cup, Pree. It's good to see you chopping.
When I get the time Hits,It is Good Therapy ty by the way
Congratulations, Preemiememe. It was my favorite in the contest. Please don't kill president of United States.

Funny Electricity Works

Electricity Works
Member reactions:
Nice subtle work, clean , zero rough edges, creative too . I like it..

Funny Obama Bush and Putin Playing with Electricity

Obama Bush and Putin Playing with Electricity
Oh boy...
Member reactions:
Lot of work done here, compliments hidden .
Thank you, Guys. Germany won World Cup and it is fair. They demonstrated the best football for all games. Brasil was crushed on own field 7:1.... Impressive. Argentina can't be champ with défensive style of game. Messi can't always help. He is the best and has to play for team uses attacking style.
Congratulations Wanderer. Lota creative work gets the gold.

Funny Chris Matthews Attacks Obama with Electricity

Chris Matthews Attacks Obama with Electricity
Matthews gets a Tesla style "Thrill up his Legs"
Member reactions:
Good technique, but IMO he should look at Obama...
Hahaha funny one, Champ. Woody congrats. I like the colorizing
Thanks everybody, Newsy, ItsHere, Andrew, Paul, Hitman, Geri, and Bob...

Funny Nikola Tesla God of Electricity

Nikola Tesla God of Electricity
Member reactions:
God of thunder come to earth by his Hammer
Two tips. Bigger and spend a wee more time on masking and clean-up. Compositionally this is superb
One of ur best efforts, keep it coming, not something u learn overnight.

Funny Robin Trower Playing With Electricity

Robin Trower Playing With Electricity
In my humble opinion, Robin Trower is one of the great innovators of playing with electricity. There are still a few of the old timers around. Robin ranks right up there with the finest. Saw him last fall. Most excellent. Enjoy. Robin
Member reactions:
I'm with you my friend. There was many a nite I got waisted to Robin Trower back in the 70's :0)
I think I bought one of his CD's a few years ago. Memories. Also, dug up a vinyl copy of the ZOMBIES from 1966(.). Still in perfect shape. Nice job with your image.
Nice work … not sure about the pink face, but love the expression chosen. … Been a long time crossing bridge of sighs
Pro chop. He does remind me Anthony Hopkins here too.

Funny George Bush Turns Off the Whitehouse Electricity

George Bush Turns Off the Whitehouse Electricity
Member reactions:
If you have a picture of smoke or fire (or maybe lighteffects) with a black background, you can change the layersettings so that the darker parts become invisible and then it becomes real easy to insert things like fire and smoke realisticly and really quick. In Paintshoppro, which i use, you can change those settings right above the layers and you can chose from all kinds of settings, like overlay or burn. The settings i was talking about are called screen or lighten. Mqaybe this helps. cheers.
Now this is called the Game Perfect frame I can imaging for the concept. Out of the box work
They have the best job to do at least very funny to see Obama is lighting the candle and Bush is switching the lights off
I don't get it. What does this chop have to do with a a famous movie or painting.
I thought it was pcrdds. Congratulations Wanderer.

Funny Electricity People

Electricity People
Converting Body Movements Into Electricity
Member reactions:
You did an awesome job imo...Keep up the great work
WOw Freaking Awesome ... love the highlights and shadows here ( FAntastic blend ) ..
My favorite in this contest. Awesome creativity Joe.
Congratson a great entry joe. I had a feeling this was yours... Keep your chin up, gold is coming your way soon. You were in first place until the very end... kinda feel bad for ya, cause I know you put your heart and soul into this creation.
Splendid chop. Silver next to the Funkwoodsman is as good as gold. If you're chopping that close, you're doing something right. Congrads
Congrads,JT walk like a lady and light my fire.
Congrats on a beautiful chop and on your silver. Hang in there joe.. Don't let a few silly votes keep you from creating your art.
Yeah, I agree with Xaos, everyone gets a 2, 3 or 4 once in a while... I noticed I got a 4 in this contest also. Don't let a few bad voters get you down joe, they're probably just jealous of your talent. I've noticed that I've had quite a few silver's lately too, since Xaos has been back , heheh. Can't wait till Rainman gets back... then we'll really have some killer competition..
Don't go Joe. You are an inspiration and a real asset to the site. I get 2's and 3's all the time, although that could be just me .
Joe, you can never say for sure who gave low votes. Most of the times it's noobs who think giving low votes on all entries will raise their own entry to a higher place. Maybe check out the voting history and you'll see what I mean.
that's surprised me alot .. I was about 90 % it's AZ who made it .. you keep walking on high ways joe ... why you care about those low votes .. it's totally never effect when there karma is only 1 ... keep going and posting your master works friend
Silver congrats, Joe. In any big online community there are voters who vote badly. Our system punishes their voting karma so lowballers don't make any difference on the outcome. Of course, you can take it personal, and try to find a photoshop site where you will never get any low votes. To my knowledge such site does not exist yet, or maybe I did not search hard enough.
We might think when someone gives us the low vote who does not like us, but try to think that for those who love to give a low vote in the good works are dwarfed people and shows the way he thinks they are jealous of a beautiful work. I also sometimes get a 1-4 vote that turned out to work I won. Do not worry, they got punished by getting a low karma. Their voices just 1 of karma, while here the giver of a fair vote to have a high karma, as well as administrators and judges. Stay eager joy to work here, your works really good and is the inspiration for us. Keep smiling. Congratulation on your silver, Joy...
, that was bothering me too. but i'm try to forget it, cause just 1 karma, if he has 200 maybe i'll be very bothering.
There's always bad votes, it is part of the "game" Though how u wk'd out who gave u that bad vote is beyond me, there were 21 users with a Karma of 1.

Funny Nikola Tesla Electricity

Nikola Tesla Electricity
Member reactions:
Great tribute to a great man. Love the effects too

Funny Future Solar Electricity Machine

Future Solar Electricity Machine
hope you like it in full size full source the glass and effects of my draw
Member reactions:
My fave is the cute lil' lite tryin' ta plug itself in. free power.
Great work as usual.. Congrats in advance...
Good work, friend. Another trophy for you soon I am sure.
Nice electricity glowing effects. The little lightbulb man plugging himself makes this even a greater chop
Congrats Kratos on the Silver, very nicely done and the little bulb is great...
very clean.. electrifying ... congrats kratosss
the skull and tubing turned out great. and i freaking love the lighting and feel on the solar panels
thanx for all I don't know if that really working

Funny Electricity

July 10 is the birthday of Nikola Tesla, the inventor and pioneering electrical engineer. Tesla's research in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries laid the foundations for modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, and helped the Second Industrial Revolution. Tesla is also known for Tesla Coil transformer. To celebrate the 153th birthday of Nikola Tesla, photoshop anything related to electricity. Some examples are: design new electricity generating devices, show sparks of electricity on anything, lightnings, etc.

Funny Electricity For All

Electricity For All
[ With the upcoming holiday preparations the demand is on the rise for electrical decorations. Many consumers are stacking up "anything electrical" despite the high electricity bills they will face. ] Electricity was invented by rubbing cats backwards. Which means every time you play a stereo somebody rubs a cat the wrong way. Please think about kittens next time you pay your electricity bill. In this contest you are asked to electrify non-electrical things. Electrify them by adding wires, lights, sockets, electronics, etc. Your object of electrification should not be a live being (No robot dogs, zombie robots, people robots, electric fish, or plants / fruit). Example of entries could be electrified plumbing tools, sports equipment, dishes & cups, school items. Electrification of larger objects (e.g. Washington Monument) is also allowed.

Funny NY electricity blackout

NY electricity blackout
Photoshop on of the following: 1) Ways New York City may cope with the power outage - life style without electricity 2) Alternative / creative means of generating light, heat, electricity in New York City

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