Election 2016
Election 2016
Election 2016. Presidential candidates make Hamptons a traffic hell

Funny Election fight - Obama, Hillary, Putin, and Donald Trump

Election fight - Obama, Hillary, Putin, and Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Every one looks so cute. nice little soldiers

Funny One more drink before presidential election debates

One more drink before presidential election debates

Funny Netanyahu Wins The Election

Netanyahu Wins The Election
Netanyahu wins the Israeli election by a landslide Obama is NOT happy about this.
Member reactions:
Of course Obama's not happy. His opposing campaign donations were a waste of good U.S. tax payer moneys. And too... IMO Netanyahu appears to be a man of good moral character. Obama can't stand that trait in a person. Kewl Choppage, hidden.
I have nothing against Israel, but could we trade dear leaders with them.
Hah. Very good. I did something along the same line, recently. What BS. I wonder what O's game is.
Cool beans


Obama takes key battlegrounds to win re-election
Member reactions:
Great job nicely presented the Elephant and the Donkey good one and Obama as a winner showing it a watermark image on the back is awesome
Fantastic, Elephant is amazing placement and Background is perfect for the concept

Funny Post elections disappointment

Post elections disappointment
Member reactions:
Love this one even if it is non PC, this is a lovely chop.

Funny Day After The Elections

Day After The Elections
Member reactions:
Like your concept of the Movie Total Recall.... He is in that chair recalling all the things he did during 4 years find your mistakes and rectify

Funny Which One Will Steal The Election?

Which One Will Steal The Election?
Electronic Voting Machines Designed to Steal Elections
Member reactions:
Good freaking idea Nice Promo of the election
... Nice concept... I will push that button and take Iphone 5 great idea to evade confusion among voters ... This will work on the undecided voters
Clever composition, and superb execution, Gigmonger.

Funny Grumpy Obama and Biden - the day after the elections

Grumpy Obama and Biden - the day after the elections

Funny 2012 Election and End of World Circus

2012 Election and End of World Circus
the face i used for the flash is suppose to be marty feldman, i guess its not that noticeable when hes got the face mask on. I hope the rest are recognizable.
Member reactions:
This is just bloody great , twisted , & i agree with Paul , lots of work & detail . Thumbs up ...
Fantastic merge and every chop has great effort itself, like it
Lot of hard work seen, every image has done so perfectly great lighting effects good work seen on the face and skull chopped inside the mouth is amazing and good work on smoke all the best for the trophy
Congrats, on winning the Silver.....nice work.
Silver Congrats Robin
Wild flight of imagination and choppery. Congrats on the silver, robin.

Funny Post-Election De-Motivation

Post-Election De-Motivation
President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Many Americans stayed up late last night to see the live coverage of electoral vote count as the results were coming in. When the election outcome became clear, TV channels showed the joy and happiness of Obama supporters, and regrets and tears of Romney supporters whose votes did not add up enough to give Romney the victory. Romney and Obama agreed we all need to work together to get the country on track, yet today, emotions abound and America is divided between those who have won, and those who have lost their hopes for the next 4 years. Photoshop any motivational or demotivational posters connected to the past elections, or to anything we can expect in the next 4 years. Your posters should follow the format of classic "motivational / demotivational posters" - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and the text message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it. To recall such kind of poster design, take a look at the good examples from our demotivational poster contest.

Funny The Day After the Elections

The Day After the Elections
It's going to be a very close election race on Tuesday. Polls show both Obama and Romney will get around 48%. President Obama is holding a slight lead within the margin of error. Pundits say Obama will lose the popular vote but will win the electorate college. One thing is for certain today - neither candidate has made a convincing enough argument for his presidency to break free of the margin of error in the polls. (Based on your prediction oh who will win these elections) photoshop what Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan might be doing the day after the elections. Here's a great example by vicspa.

Funny US Election Results

US Election Results
[ The 2006 election results are in. Democrats win control of the house.] The Republicans have been to blame for everything from the economy to the war over the past 8 years by the Democrats. Well, now they have their chance to change all of this. I expect them to put an end to poverty, hunger, war, unemployment, global warming and high gas prices by January 1st. I have no reason not to believe this either. I mean, every 5 or 10 minutes for the past couple months I have been receiving recorded phone messages from the candidates promising these very things if I would only vote for them. In this contest you are asked to photoshop magazine covers related to the election results. Create magazine covers showing possible cheating methods, dirty voting, or other election surprises and how America will change after these elections.

Funny Iraq Election

Iraq Election
The voting is over. It's purple days ahead for the people of Iraq! What will happen to all of the purple ink used in the elections? Show in images what you think the Iraqi's might do or should do with all this purple ink.

Funny US Elections

US Elections
Create images of ways you think the elections could be improved in one way or another.

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