Tribal Einstein
Tribal Einstein
Tribal Einstein. "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." - Albert Einstein

Funny Einstein Eureka

Einstein Eureka

Funny The Square Root Of Albert Einstein

The Square Root Of Albert Einstein
Member reactions:
Congrats SplatShot, on the Silver. Excellent, choice, great background.
Could easily be first. I rest my case Great job and grats on the silver, SS.
The square root of a brain is a terrible thing to waste. Had to say that.
Silver congrats, Splat. the fly.
Thanks, Peeps. He slaps that fly in a minuet. 'Hard'

Funny Einstein's Birthday with a Pi Cake

Einstein's Birthday with a Pi Cake

Funny Einstein wwith Maria Sharapova Leaning Against Pi

Einstein wwith Maria Sharapova Leaning Against Pi
Why is Maria Sharapova here. She is without job after doping scandal ad she can help for presentation.
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Funny Teacher Albert Einstein in the Classroom Caricature

Teacher Albert Einstein in the Classroom Caricature
full view please.. See Original Full view
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Had this as my fave. Awesome blackboard renderings besides the epic caricature.
Great Einstein caricature Silvercanine. Bronze Congrats.
One of the craziest chops I've seen for Einstein. Congrats on the bronze, SC.
Masterful chop... Congrats on the bronze. I love it
Amazing work. I like it. Congrats on the Bronze, SC. Merry Christmas, mate ^^

Funny Albert Einstein with a Small Face

Albert Einstein with a Small Face

Funny Einstein the Pi Police

Einstein the Pi Police
Member reactions:
Masterpiece. Just one point, looks hard to keep a normal pipe in that position, could be much better using a bent pipe. JMO,.
Simply beautiful, top chop. Congrats on your win...
I thought this was yours Tim, great work.
Arrrgghhh, just finished the yard work. But a win here makes the annoyance of that melt away. Especially in light of the terrific chops it had to inch out. Anytime I come out ahead of Funkwood it is like a platinum trophy. hehe Thanks be to you all, Deaddog, Swashbuckler, Andrew, Doc., Luciano, eric of the North End, (Must be a Viking ), Sulli and Kellie... for a rare and appreciated appearance. Glad you all liked it.
Great texture contrasts and color palette. Congrats on the gold Tim, awesome chop.
Excellent. Not sure I get it though, Einstein as Nazi. Forgive my ignorance, it's probably something I just don't know about : )
He's not a Nazi at all. He's the Pi Police, enforcer of the great infinite. ( Note the infinity portal) I suppose I could have used Archimedes but I am fresh out of photographs of him. So I used the first familiar mathematician that came to mind. Thanks Robb, Dan and Elegary... Cheers
Einstein....Ha. I thought it was a "Self Portrait"
Congrats, Tim. You certainly cleared the bar with this one. One Freak'n Fine Job, Freund.

Funny Einstein Flying Through Space the Never Ending Pi

Einstein Flying Through Space the Never Ending Pi

Funny Albert Einstein MAD Scientist Caricature

Albert Einstein MAD Scientist Caricature
I thought about what Einstein did on his off hours, how he kicked back and imagined this super smart dude reading a 1953 MAD magazine and cracking up
Member reactions:
Thanks. This is my first time submitting here, doesn't anybody copyright their stuff. I just always have.
I wouldn't worry about it Hidden. We try to keep a bit of anonymity for the contest but don't always succeed. Besides we still don't know who you are. Great Caricature work. Welcome aboard.
Awesome caricature Mr.Newman.Great first entry,Welcome 😄
OH. Now I get it... the hidden author.... Duh. so you can vote not knowing who did the piece. What a dummy I am. Sorry.
First Hit... Good caricature and expression of Einstin looks very hilarious good chop all the best
I am sure he did. . Very nice job and thought behind this.
Congrats, Robb. Nice first entry. A well deserved Silver cup My Friend.
Silver congrats, Robb. Great way to begin at FN.
Silver Grats For your entry is starting off well.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments... Thanks to all who voted for me. Congratulations to the other winners especially THE winner, Hitspinner, I love your piece, you had to win.
I knew you were going to win, I really love your piece, it's perfect
Can somebody tell me How do you reply to an individual commentor. Without emailing.
First entry garners a silver. Yo..... I'm jealous, it took me 15 years . Congrats, wonderful chop and welcome to the zoo
Congrats on the Silver right out the box, Robb. Has to be F.N. record Awesome work.
Robb, I don't believe the "reply" option is functional here in the contest thread. Normally we reply directly in the comment section under the particular contest image.
You started off with a bang Robb,Very impressive caricature work here.Congrats on the silver 😄
Congrats on the silver, Robb. And huge welcome to FN.

Funny Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
March 14 is the birthday of Albert Einstein - the man who is regarded as the second greatest scientist of the 20th century. First one being Al Gore who created the internet. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Albert Einstein any way you like. Examples may be showing how he would live his life in the present days, what products he would promote, movies he would act in. Showing Albert in the distant past (e.g. Renaissance, or pre-historic times) is also a good idea.

Funny Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Show how Einstein would live his life nowadays. What discoveries, or impact on our life he'd make? What products/services he'd possibly promote? What style of life he'd choose?

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