Pelosi has the  `Pinocchio Effect`.
Pelosi has the  `Pinocchio Effect`.
Pelosi has the "Pinocchio Effect".. Member reactions:
And another fun image. Congrats on the Bronze, Hobbit.

Funny Global warming effects 3

Global warming effects 3

Funny Global warming effects 2

Global warming effects 2
Member reactions:
The problem here, is that you have the viewer in the air, looking down, which is fine with the ship, but the coliseum image is a straight on view.

Funny Global warming effects

Global warming effects
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Where are the pyramids of Menkaure and Kephren.

Funny The Effect of Drinking Too Much Beer

The Effect of Drinking Too Much Beer
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As my friend once said - alcohol is a slow death, and I am in no hurry to die
Newsey. Great message HH. Good clean chop

Funny Obamacare After Effects

Obamacare After Effects
Member reactions:
Maybe I'm not very well informed on this matter, being a Canadian, but I don't know why anyone would object to health care that would serve those not fortunate enough to afford health insurance. The paid medical offered is great in the United States but not everyone can afford it. Your picture is well done though.
The answer to that is simple, Joan. They will not let my wife work over 30 hours a week nor advance to a higher responsibility position or they will be required under Obamacare to provide her with full coverage and benefits. PS Let us not forget this is satire Thanks for the comments
This is great Nice caricature Very well executed..
Read ObmaCare Documents carefully before availing any surgery... the results will be unbelievable Great chop in showing the legs stitched to the shoulders and the hands to legs good one
Thanks guys Only humans can find beauty and admiration in horror. We are a curious lot.
Oh those poor Obamacared for freaks. Nice
Congrats on the and I don't want to know where the rest of his parts are. Good job.
Congratulations on the cup Hit-Man. Get a leg up with Obama Care. Classic Hitspinner. Supa freaky
Congratulations. He's looking much better after his treatment.
Kinda figured it was u HitMan, Great job explaining O-Care Congrats on the Cup.
How much freakier can it get, . Scares me too. Congrats on the bronze, Hits, stunning work.
So this what is meant by obama piece-meal. " You get what you pay for . Sometimes ..

Funny Droste Effect Clock

Droste Effect Clock
Finally cracked this after many attempts.
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Yes... the effects was good.... lIke the clock concept
Change is the Only constant in here this is the real time machine

Funny Over Simplified Mona Lisa with Cubism Effect

Over Simplified Mona Lisa with Cubism Effect
In this one I ran a couple of preliminary drawing effects over the Mona Lisa before applying a cubism effect.
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This is great, you still captured the essense of Leonardo's great masterpiece.

Funny Tornado Effects

Tornado Effects
tornado touchdowns

Funny Sarah Palin Painting Effect

Sarah Palin Painting Effect
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yep topaz......and quite a lot of filters
It seems an illustration. I really like.
No matter what was used for creation, the result looks great.

Funny The Pinocchio Effect

The Pinocchio Effect
Telling lies really does make your nose grow, scientists have discovered. Just like children's favorite Pinocchio - whose nose gets longer every time he tells a fib - liars' noses actually swell whenever they don't tell the truth. And Politicians have told some of the biggest and most notorious lies in US history. So for this contest you are asked to enlarge noses of any politician. Make them larger, longer, or reshape them to make a large nose. Many thanks to icecream for the themepost. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the Pinocchio Effect Visit This Link

Funny Drug Side Effects

Drug Side Effects
What drug could be in British drinking water besides Prozac? Photoshop images of the results of having Prozac and other drug substances in British drinking water.

Funny Chocolate Side Effects

Chocolate Side Effects
Design an advertisement showing the benefits of eating chocolate, or revealing its negative sides.

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