Moray Eel Airbus
Moray Eel Airbus
Moray Eel Airbus. Member reactions:
Another favorite of mine in this contest:Congratulations.

Funny An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art

An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art
a story waiting to be told.

Funny Osama Bin Laden Underwater with an Eel

Osama Bin Laden Underwater with an Eel
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Member reactions:
this one is incredible. love the beard - looks like coral.
, Creative Job done good job done, nicely done with the eye
fantastic, not seen this type of entry ever
Freaking great, I like the green tone and the fish
Holy #*$. I got my birthday wish. Best present ever, the coveted trifecta. Thanks all for your comments & votes. I'm going to party like it's 2011.
Kudos KIR these 3 pieces of art deserved to be where they are...pure quality Thx for the eye candy
Triple congrats for the 3 masterpieces, great quality and very creative..
Félicitations KeepItReal . Magnifique travail .
Happy Birthday David. Trifecta for your birthday too, Woo Hoo. Stunning work.
Thanks all, you guys are the best Luv ya.
3 Fabulous works KeepItReal.. Congrats on the trifecta..

Funny Eel Smoothie Energy Drink

Eel Smoothie Energy Drink
First Ever Eel Energy Drink on Sale Kids won't drink their juice like they used to. Use it to make them a Smoothie. They'll chug it right down.
Member reactions:
when an eel lunches out and it bites off your snout,, thatsa a moraaaa)))
I don't think that is an eel, unless American eels are different to English ones. I wouldn't eat one of those smelly things if you paid me, let alone drink a pulverised one. Good work on the entry though.
Every Body Sing. There are many types of eels. English. Hmmmm. How's the jellied eel these days.
That's a Martian eel Sky... Didn't you hear, there is water up there.
Brilliant Concept No dinner for me today
I like green, I like this

Funny Turtle Eel

Turtle Eel

Funny Hummingbird eel

Hummingbird eel
I have no idea what to call it.
Member reactions:
I could relaly believe this existed in some part of the ocean. Great chop.

Funny Handcuff Eel

Handcuff Eel

Funny Tesla's Electric Eel

Tesla's Electric Eel

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