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Funny Edwards Pictures

Hillary Clinton and John Edwards Lose Their HeadsFunny Hillary Clinton and John Edwards Lose Their Heads
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Pope with Robert EdwardsFunny Pope with Robert Edwards
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Vatican: Nobel Win For Robert Edwards 'Completely Out Of Order'

Robert Edwards Nobel PrizeFunny Robert Edwards Nobel Prize
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In vitro UK pioneer Edwards wins medicine Nobel
Then it's this man I must thank for my little miracle
Here's someone who pushed the world in a positive direction...Its a good sign for the world that someone like this received the noble. Hats off to you Dr. Edwards
The idea with "months and tubes" is freaking hilarious here.
solid work, Cicsaix. Like the embrio's in the tubes. very freaky .
Congrats on the bronze cicsaix, great concept

Kevin Spacey John Edwards and Sarah PalinFunny Kevin Spacey John Edwards and Sarah Palin
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Kevin S. chin and mouth S. Palin eye glasses and one eye in the right plus top hair half body and left eye is from J. Edwards

Symmetrical John  EdwardsFunny Symmetrical John Edwards
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edwards-palinFunny edwards-palin
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available full view
thanks. when come to me the idea was easy to see the result but when i was mading yes was i litle dificult to match the colors the blending and the hair to
The blending is top-notch, but what REALLY makes this entry work well is the hair.
That is a great match and the blending is awesome.
Fantastic, I like what you've done with the jacket also.
Congrats Kokoy Lawyer hockey
looks awesome, like Chaos said, the hair is a great blend. congrats

John Edwards View From BelowFunny John Edwards View From Below
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Edwards admits he had affair after heated denials
shouldn't comment read "heated affair, after denials.
Excellent "point of view" Great satire here
I just wish it was bigger than 500 pixels wide in full view. The system resizes it for you, but the full view stays un-resized.
Where is the rest of the story. Like PAul Harvey used to say.Like the Top Hslf of the View Guys Like TITS

Hillary Clinton Mixed with John EdwardsFunny Hillary Clinton Mixed with John Edwards
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John Edwards Risk AnalystFunny John Edwards Risk Analyst
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John Edwards now analyses risk for the GOP and is an extremely cautious man. (Based on "Along Came Polly")

John Edwards as Sweeny ToddFunny John Edwards as Sweeny Todd
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John Edwards is going into acting now. He's out for revenge for having to drop out of the race. Need a shave.

Edwards, Giuliani Quit Presidential RaceFunny Edwards, Giuliani Quit Presidential Race - John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani told their supporters today they abandoned their bid for The White house. The decision to quit the 2008 presidential race came after both Edwards and Giuliani failed to win any primaries so far and the polls left them little hope. In his quitting speech Giuliani endorsed his long time Republican friend John McCain, while Edwards was not ready to give any endorsements at this point. Photoshop anything connected to John John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani quitting the 2008 presidential race. Some examples are - make movies showing their failed campaigns, reasons why they failed, what John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani plan to do in the future, magazine covers, quitting speeches and letters, etc.

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