Elvis Rafael Edward `Ted` Cruz
Elvis Rafael Edward `Ted` Cruz
Elvis Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz . Member reactions:
Well done love the dog 👍🏼

Funny Prince Edward Painting with Glasses

Prince Edward Painting with Glasses
Member reactions:
Had cup all over it... Well made chop. congrats Hobbit.
Rather a lot of extras outside the painting.
Congrats on the Bronze. But I LOVE Them All. This was a great contest everybody matched the painter's styles perfectly
Cute and clever, Hobbit. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Young Edward VI Painting with Glasses

Young Edward VI Painting with Glasses
Original painting by Hans Holbein the Younger, regarded as “The Cameraman of Tudor History”

Funny Edward Snowden's Space Rocket

Edward Snowden's Space Rocket
Member reactions:
Great job... like the way he is igniting the fire and it will blow up in some countries
Top 5 congrats Wanderer... Very nice work my friend

Funny Edward Norton as a Woman

Edward Norton as a Woman
Member reactions:
Really pro swap... So clean. textures are near flawless

Funny Victor Yanukovich Joins Edward Snowden in Russia

Victor Yanukovich Joins Edward Snowden in Russia
Member reactions:
Passport printing section is under pressure in Russia Depardieu,Snowden,Yanukovich...)
Thank you. Before Russian Federation had only oil and gas for sale. Now new business - sale citizenship. By the way Yanukovych's right hand with Russian passport was borrowed from Depardue's photo.

Funny Edward Snowden's Secret Stash

Edward Snowden's Secret Stash
Snowden Stole a Lot More Than We Thought
Member reactions:
Fantastic work... like the multiple floor concept with Snowden with his secret documents good work
Great . When will we ever know the full truth .
Good idea and well executed. Had this one higher
Thanks, Hits and everyone. Have to admit, I thought I'd do better, too. I guess high concept is a better score grabber than ... too much work. Anyone notice the rat. I liked that touch.
Quality work, Icy. I like the rat here, would place it in front maybe to make it more noticeable (though rats try to hide, it's true )

Funny Edward Snowden's Snow Den in Russia

Edward Snowden's Snow Den in Russia
Edward Snowden's asylum placement ruffled feathers in rural Russia: President Putin bypassed a Soviet-era wait-list of several thousand, vying for this spacious single family residence. BEST VIEWED UNRESIZED.
Member reactions:
I like the use of source as container here
Great play on words, and you know that could be not far from the truth in the near future for Snowden

Funny Edward Snowden's Movable Store

Edward Snowden's Movable Store
Member reactions:
Hahaha, love the edit (the soldier addition).
Putin is Russian Barbary or Ken.
You know the reason of my Huge laugh is "TOP SECRET"
Congratz My Friend Wanderer. Is that a Lady Gaga blow up doll. How much do they cost.
Woody congrats, Andrew. Love the extra stuff all around.
Thank you, Friends. SplatShot, Mr. Snowden continue share his secrets. Lady Gaga - Making of "GAGADOLL"
Using the power of Google. I found one at Amazon dot com Thanks
The soldier is a cool addition to a great chop to begin with... I love it. Congrats on Wood Wanderer.
Thank you, Jim. Russian soldier's uniform from WWII.

Funny Edward Snowden Holding Sochi Olympic Torch

Edward Snowden Holding Sochi Olympic Torch
Member reactions:

Funny Where in the world is Edward Snowden?

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?
Russian authorities confirm that US whistleblower Edward Snowden is still in the transit area at Moscow airport, negotiating with Equador and several other countries that may give him a political asylum. Answering to the White House demands to deport Snowden to the US, Russia's President Putin said "Mr. Snowden did not enter the Russian territory and stays in the transit area, so he remains a free man outside Russia's jurisdiction. He's free to choose his next destination and go." Meanwhile, many bookmaking agencies around the world started accepting bets on which country Snowden will end up with. Note that the US is on the list too :) Choose a country where Edward Snowden might (or might not) get a political asylum, and show him assimilating into national clothes/traditions/professions of his new motherland.

Funny Edward Norton

Edward Norton
American actor Edward Norton is turning 40 this Tuesday. Norton became famous for his supporting role in the courtroom drama Primal Fear, which also got him his first Academy Award nomination. Since then, Norton had solid performances in American History X, Fight Club, Red Dragon, and other movies. With 13 years of acting behind him, Norton has still long acting career ahead, and his best role is yet to come. Happy 40th birthday, Edward! To mark the 40th birthday of Edward Norton, photoshop him any way you wish. Showing what movies Norton could have played in, putting Edward in paintings, or showing what he does in his spare time. These are just some ideas.

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