Edward Norton
Edward Norton
Edward Norton. Member reactions:
Really pro swap... So clean. textures are near flawless

Funny Edward Norton Assad

Edward Norton Assad
changed it to a Fightclub punchline. A movie starring Edward Norton. first rule of Fightclub; Don't talk about fightclub.
Member reactions:
Jere Jere Jere. Congrats on the silver. PERFECT match with the faces here, bro.

Funny Edward Snowden in Moscow

Edward Snowden  in Moscow
Member reactions:
I think if you will add cigarette or tooth stick to Depardieu's left hand picture will be complete. Very good picture showing new Snowden's job (Support of Human Rights in Russia ...)
New citizens and naturally... new buddies.
Great chop, looks like Putin in the background

Funny Edward Snowden Escapes Obama on a Motorbike

Edward Snowden Escapes Obama on a Motorbike

Funny Edward Snowden with the KBG

Edward Snowden with the KBG
Putin insisted Snowden not leak any more secrets as a condition for staying in Russia
Member reactions:
This is seriously serious work; nice job.
Great way to tell people not to reveal secrets Putin looks awesome with the mechanical seal and persons hanging behind
The Treatment looks very stunning Very nice
Nice staple work, Doc. Judging by Putin's giant right arm he must do a lot of stapling.
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Tim...I purposely gave him a huge forearm.

Funny Edward Snowden and Anna Chapman with Vladimir Putin

Edward Snowden and Anna Chapman with Vladimir Putin
Edward Snowden Receives Twitter Proposal From Russian Ex-Spy Anna Chapman
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature done on all the characters shown here great job and lovely proposal given
Fabolous Nice way to propose Awesome job. Best of luck
Congrads on the Bronze cup. another good one.
Good cup catch, Gugu and some really fun choppage
Congratulations. Looks like we have a rising FN *star* here referencing your recent entries & wins.
Thank you very much my friends. I really appreciate it ... ...

Funny Senor Edward Snowden In Venezuela

Senor Edward Snowden In Venezuela
Venezuela Offers Asylum To U.S. Fugitive Snowden
Member reactions:
The Young Man who told the truth.... will get Asylum - Venezuela President

Funny Edward Snowden Monopoly Game

Edward Snowden Monopoly Game
Snowden Seeks Asylum In 20 Nations
Member reactions:
lot of sources used and good idea of putting this board game for snowden He now goes to Venezuela
Great for the master of opoly. Good one Gee.
In spite of my high marks it still didn't cup. Rob, this is freaking excellent and a crazy amount of work. 7.75 ain't too shabby though. So a lot of voters aren't just stuck in voting on character, toonish, bobblehead/ stretched-face chops. Well, come to think of it you have a friggin bobblehead in this chop so...now I am confused. Are we back to liking graphic driven chops or not. Hahahahahaahahahahaha Great job man
You should E-market game ideas. Nice work.

Funny Edward Snowden with Putin Gangster

Edward Snowden with Putin Gangster
Snowden Withdraws Russian Asylum Bid After Putin Warning Ecuador, Possible Snowden Haven, Is High on Beauty but Low on Tech sources Putin: Sorry Snowski, but I now love Amerika...
Member reactions:
Thanks for comment balodiya Those are all superbowl rings, and I added them to the chop as a little satire. Putin was recently introduced to Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots Pro-football Team) Kraft handed Putin his latest superbowl ring to look at, and Putin put in his pocket and kept it. After many pleas from Kraft to return his ring, Putin still has it. (I have it hanging from Putin's neck in the chop
Congrads on the finish. Putin's face is classic and this one was one of my favorite, good job.

Funny Edward Snowden Wasn't Here

Edward Snowden Wasn't Here
Obama Makes Snowden Stateless

Funny Where in the world is Edward Snowden?

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?
Russian authorities confirm that US whistleblower Edward Snowden is still in the transit area at Moscow airport, negotiating with Equador and several other countries that may give him a political asylum. Answering to the White House demands to deport Snowden to the US, Russia's President Putin said "Mr. Snowden did not enter the Russian territory and stays in the transit area, so he remains a free man outside Russia's jurisdiction. He's free to choose his next destination and go." Meanwhile, many bookmaking agencies around the world started accepting bets on which country Snowden will end up with. Note that the US is on the list too :) Choose a country where Edward Snowden might (or might not) get a political asylum, and show him assimilating into national clothes/traditions/professions of his new motherland.

Funny Edward Norton

Edward Norton
American actor Edward Norton is turning 40 this Tuesday. Norton became famous for his supporting role in the courtroom drama Primal Fear, which also got him his first Academy Award nomination. Since then, Norton had solid performances in American History X, Fight Club, Red Dragon, and other movies. With 13 years of acting behind him, Norton has still long acting career ahead, and his best role is yet to come. Happy 40th birthday, Edward! To mark the 40th birthday of Edward Norton, photoshop him any way you wish. Showing what movies Norton could have played in, putting Edward in paintings, or showing what he does in his spare time. These are just some ideas.

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