Aviation Day Lego Edition
Aviation Day Lego Edition
Aviation Day Lego Edition. Member reactions:
, TOUGH TO DO CHOP. Angular lines in all directions like that are hard to control. Good job.
A heck of a job, Manosart. Best seen in the original view to appreciate.

Funny Range Rover Storm Trooper Edition

Range Rover Storm Trooper Edition

Funny The Usual Suspects Star Wars Edition

The Usual Suspects Star Wars Edition
Member reactions:
Actually if you look at their bios I put them at their approximate heights
I like the composition a lot, but why is it quite blurry.

Funny Pretty Woman Christmas Edition

Pretty Woman Christmas Edition

Funny Monster University Halloween Edition

Monster University Halloween Edition
Member reactions:
Chopped to perfection. Awesome colors and detail.
Super duper clean, congrats on the Gold. Great design for a Jack-O'-Lantern.

Funny Grand Theft Auto Geriatric Edition

Grand Theft Auto Geriatric Edition
Member reactions:
No driver's license needed. Grammar police: you probably meant to say "Senior EDITION".
Boo Hoo Yes I deserve a ticket from the grammar police.
It seems everyone's license has been expired...

Funny Predator Kid's Edition

Predator Kid's Edition
Member reactions:
Great job and congratulations on the bronze

Funny Limited Edition Snickers Bar Incisors

Limited Edition Snickers Bar Incisors
Almond man says tooth found in candy bar is his own. W-h-a-a-a-a-t. Snickers Bar
Member reactions:
Freaks me out because it looks so real. Excellent work

Funny Freaking News Dyslexic Edition

Freaking News Dyslexic Edition
This is the Dyslexic Edition of FreakingNews. Congratulations are now in Order.
Member reactions:
Hmmm, well, I am still a relative beginner, please be gentle. I did a pic grab, I did not alter the dimensions of the image at all, so that is the correct ratio, even if it looks a little weird. It could be the dyslexic effect. I have to go to bed now, I am pretty sick.
Well, I did the math, and it turns out that PSMandrake is right (although I don't know how he could have spotted it.) The aspect ratio of PSMandrake's original image (expressed here as w:h, excluding the FN ribbon) is 245:283, (or 0.866:1). Hidden's ratio is 437:539 (or 0.811:1). Simply put, this means two things: 1): Hidden's image is thinner than PSMandrake's, in relation to height. 2): I've got too much time on my hands.
It is possible that those who think the ratio is off are looking at their browsers at regular view. (Where you can see the address bar and all the buttons and so on.) I expanded the screen to full screen where you cannot see the buttons and did the screen grab. Please also note that the aspect ratio looks different in each type of browser, such as Oprah, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and can depend on how many buttons you've got. Personally, I find this fascinating, as I can't see the off aspect ratio.
There is another possibility for the aspect ratio discrepancy. I am using Gimp (it's free and comes with my Linux distro) to photoshop, which is quite different than Photoshop or even Corel Draw or Corel Photopaint. It may have done something wonky with the ratio... hmmm
Never liked math, just a simple excellent from me.
I enjoyed the reading here quite a lot too.
Indeed, this discussion would get a "Facinating." from Spock.

Funny Top Gun Without Teeth Edition

Top Gun Without Teeth Edition

Funny Soccer Mania - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition

Soccer Mania  - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition
Whether you're a true fan or just a soccer spectator, this summer's festival of footwork is sure to thrill fans across the globe as 32 teams compete for international stardom and soccer's highest honor -- the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Held once every four years, the World Cup is considered to be one of the globe's biggest and best sporting events. It started with the Opening Ceremony on June 12th, and will caps off on July 13 with the championship match. The football World Cup is already the biggest-ever betting event in Britain, bookmakers said Monday, with online gambling expected to help turnover hit more than one billion pounds. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, create images of soccer ball(s) integrated into something (architecture, everyday items, haircuts, etc.), or give soccer theme to movies and paintings (e.g. add soccer balls and turn the (movie or paintings) characters into die-hard fans of their country teams). Alternatively, show soccer being played with some new objects (like in this example). Many thanks to lucianomorelly for the themepost.

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