Thomas Edison Putting a Light Bulb to Sleep in Bed
Thomas Edison Putting a Light Bulb to Sleep in Bed
Thomas Edison Putting a Light Bulb to Sleep in Bed. Thanks to: News Story
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Well done... like the illustration of the glow of light good one
Light on the life, his face is very well shaded and looks fantastic with that expression
Quality art with excellent light and shadow work
Congrats on another golden nugget, Hitman.
Another great one hitspinner. Congrats on the gold
Whew, crazy day. been on the road to visit family, arrived to this wonderful surprise. You guys and gals made it a Merry Christmas indeed. Thank you Pat, Msgt Bob, AZ Woodbox, Doc, NM, Pree, Eric, Balodiya, Sulliishere and Rajesh. I've had a much appreciated winning streak but have to take a short break over the holidays. I hope you all flourish and prosper and your dreams come to pass. ... OOO

Funny Tesla's Revenge On Edison

Tesla's Revenge On Edison
Tesla gets revenge on Thomas Edison for stealing his thunder Sources
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YIKES. I just felt a JOLT which means a HIGH marks vote.
Okay..I like the colors, the light and shadow work, emotion, 'humor' ,the overall energy of the chop. Love the source post. Yikes. Phyllis is still scary. I'm trying to figure out Al Franken‎'s fugly mug. Edison's ear. Super Chop...should run away with the Gold.
Bingo. Slapshot. Thanks for the positive comment. I have to laugh. If the first 2 voters had their way it would run a close second or third for last place.
Masters job done Awesome Excellent concept and very well executed Best of luck
Really impressive...I'm especially glad you included the sources. One quick suggestion: lose the apostrophe in get's. Otherwise, amazing picture.
Strange typo. Must have been tired. Thanks Anton, Balodiya and Ariel
Awesome creation
Lot of sources used to get this electrifying effect done on this chop very clever idea to punish Edison for inventing bulb Good revenge taken using his own bulb as a weapon like the eyeball coming out of the shock
Holy cow, 9.4 yhat has to be a personal best, Thanks for making that happen. Thanks Dman and Rajesh
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Literally, a shocking entry, .
Gold congrats,Hitspinner. Excellent job done ... ...
Uuuuuuuuggggghhhhh Newsey hahahahahahaaha. I suppose somebody had to say it. Thanks V and thanks Gugu
congrats spinner... very well done piece.
This is just "FANTASTIC". Congrats on the win.
Oops,thought I commented on this. Fabulous work Hits. and a well deserved win. Welcome to the 9.4 club. haha.

Funny Thomas Edison in Light Bulb

Thomas Edison in Light Bulb
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A bright idea. Seriously nice poster with Mr. Edison

Funny Edison

Who better to use in this mod. Edison

Funny Thomas Edison in a Light Bulb

Thomas Edison in a Light Bulb
Source image

Funny Bill Gates with Thomas Edison

Bill Gates with Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison the inventor of the light eletic made partnership with Bill Gates. Two shining minds.
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I really Like This Chop, the light bulb is a great touch, my only critique is the Quality of the Bill Gates source, it is very Pixelated If you could find a substitute it would make this entry a sure contender.
very nice work, well done. I like Thomas' home page
Thomas's face is more clearer and aluminated then Bills. But I agree.
Bill Gates seems a bit pixelated and not as clear as Thomas. Also Thomas' face is brighter that Gates'.

Funny Thomas Edison's First Computer

Thomas Edison's First Computer
The real inventor of IBM personal computer was Thomas Edison, the inventor of the Lightbulb. - Please view fullsize -
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hi is thinking he can put a Lightbulb inside

Funny Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison
Just when you thought technology was cutting edge...they find this.
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Simple, elegant and, as always, excellently done.
nice work, Reg... very funny chop d00dx0r.
very creative...good idea. great chop too.

Funny Edison The Man with a Lightbulb Moment

Edison The Man with a Lightbulb Moment
Upon Lighting His Earth Hour Candle, Thomas Edison Had A Brilliant Idea.
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Very clevar idea. I like it
Great concept. The hand tinting is nice also. Very nice. ; )

Funny Edison with a Light Bulb Head

Edison with a Light Bulb Head

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