Edgar Allan Poe Caricature
Edgar Allan Poe Caricature
Edgar Allan Poe Caricature. (twenty-six sources used)
Member reactions:
Wonderfully Blended Work my Friend... Posting the source images doubles my interest about this Piece. Bravo... *~}{~* Top Marks...
Good caricature... and the Crow and the Anatomy system toy looks good to this pic
Excellent work done Neat and colorful Very Lengthy Text
Great use of images PSMandrake and congrats on your bronze
Me likes a lot. I used to read Edgar Allan Poe stories with fascination. My favorite one is "Gold Bug". Congrats on the bronze, PSM.

Funny Edgar Degas Little Dancer Hippo

Edgar Degas Little Dancer Hippo
This is a play on the Edgar Degas sculpture "Little Dancer".
Member reactions:
Clever. and totally love what you did with a painting in the background
Thanks NM, Boulpix. I planned on adding other hippos in the gallery, but scrapped it. Thanks for the comments.
The dress is perfectly fit to hippo good work of making the background little blurry to make the image more clearer great to the photos behind all are from hippo family haha

Funny Edgar Degas Geico Advert

Edgar Degas Geico Advert
Could switching to Geico, really save you 15% or more on carriage insurance.
Member reactions:
Just a thought: If you moved the mascot elsewhere, and flopped the guy and positioned him next to the wheel as if he was trying to fix it . . .

Funny Edgar Degas in the Office

Edgar Degas in the Office
A self-portrait at the office, by Edgar Degas... in 2009. Yes, there's some ... in it, as in one of my sources: #1, #2, #3 and #4. Larger version available: here. Special Guest Star: The young Rose Well as the ballet dancer. ---------------- EDIT: It's now a new version without any ... , and I used this fifth source.
Member reactions:
Interesting composition. I am curious - what is your logic behind MJ being in it.
Thanks, Doxieone. Michael Jackson was a singer with a glove and "The Singer With The Glove" is the English Title of one painting by Degas (check my source #2). It's now a recurrent joke in this contest (look at other entries, in chronological order).
Brilliant work on composing the modern version of Degas self-portrait, with many details. Please put some panties on a woman - we have audience and advertisers who don't expect to see any ... on the site. I know his source has similar thing, but you used a photo which makes things different. May I also suggest putting some artistic noise on the woman. She looks like a photo while the rest of the picture looks like a painting
I'll try to make something better for this part later (time permitting because I'm currently trying to finish a last minute entry), but I'm gonna add a "parental advisory" in the meanwhile...
Ok. Entry updated (for the better, I hope) using a fifth source with no ... . Final larger version of my work can be found: here.
Great edit. I personally think it looks better this way. Congratulations on the wood.
This was very original and excellently crafted. Congrats on the wood, Paul.
Thank you all, guys and gals. After several 5th and 6th places in the rankings, that's my first trophy at Freaking News. I agree with you, NewsMaster: it probably looks better this way even if it lost a pun based on a French expression: "cul par dessus tÍte", which literally means "bottom over head", but depending on the context, it also has other meanings such as "to be head over heals (in love)" for instance...

Funny The Singer With A Glove Edgar Degas

The Singer With A Glove Edgar Degas
This had to be done... Of course, inspired by The Singer With The Glove
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Please, don't rate this one too quickly... You might miss several details (such as who can be seen in Michael Jackson's glasses for instance...).
Great reference to the famous painting and famous MJ.

Funny Edgar Allen Poe Cameo

Edgar Allen Poe Cameo
Member reactions:
Face looks GREAT. I wish the cameo was a higher rez.
Good one. Love the caricature style Poe you have chosen

Funny Edgar Allen Poe Portrait

Edgar Allen Poe Portrait

Funny Edgar Allen Poe's Ocean Retreat

Edgar Allen Poe's Ocean Retreat
The basis of this is the painting by Edward Hopper called 'By the Sea.' The painting on the wall is of the six brothers.
Member reactions:
Artistic work - creative use of the source painting
Great source pic and clever integration. Reminds me of the Floating head of death, from the "Far Side" and a Monty Python take on Poe. Fun Chop.

Funny Escher Edgar Allen Poe

Escher Edgar Allen Poe
This was another tedious colorization. I love the finished products, but absolutly hate the process. Original MC Escher black and white sketch source
Member reactions:
Excellent. the author's comment (product & process).
Admirable colorization and raven is a nice touch too
Very nice, I like the addition of red BG striking.
love your choice of colors. really captures the time period
Nice work KB. I like the coloring effects
Thank you all for your comments and votes. As I stated in my caption, I really really hate getting myself into these chops. It never seems as if they'll end. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

Funny Edgar Allen Poe with Raven

Edgar Allen Poe with Raven
Poe source
Member reactions:
good work. This is as good as it gets. Congrats AZ. Always a tough act to follow.
congratulations rain .. great tribute to mr poe..
Thanks all for the comments "Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore." Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
Congrats AZ.. Cool Chop. Nice to see you participating again.
Excellent job Rainman, another perfect image... Congrats
Masterwork from the master. Congrats on the win, Rain.

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