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Funny Eden Pictures

Obama Health Care & The Garden of EdenFunny Obama Health Care & The Garden of Eden
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Please View Full Size Obama offers health care to the masses. Only problem, the fruit is riddled with worms, and will cause the nation to work by the sweat of it's brow. Super High-Res version 5362x2780 6.46MB
I have seen the full view pic, its awesome work created specially over the face of Obama the snake scales were too good, its exactly matches with the face and tongue is freaking like it how it comes out... and the Lady in a caterpillar avatar is rocking
thanks raj and News. I spent a ton of time on this one. The face scales were a big job. That's why I uploaded the full size one. That is actually not even the full-full size one. The file size was ginormis.
I can't help myself, too much wasted space, but great detail, so lets crop out space, square to 850x850 163k,CLICK HERE colored by Corel PaintShopPro 4. Close up look. My 2 cents.

The Garden of EdenFunny The Garden of Eden
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Original Garden of Eden Source Compression really ruined the detail. Here are some screen shots for you to get the idea of the detail of the original: Bird Flower Flamingos
. I have 50 questions, but.. my main one is: How many hours.
This is a great image. The color, texture, lighting, etc. are all great. Very nice work.
Thanks guys for your great comments. This took about 10 hours, but it was a lot of fun...
Absulutely stunning image. I would absolutely love to have such stained glass at my place.
hamid1976, i saw your status at w1k its amazing i saw many of prizes got for your stained glass. Can you give a tutorial on this.
Wonderful work here... standing ovation.
What a beautiful piece of work. It would make a lovely tapestry.
A beautiful piece of work--could be a tapestry design
Love it--it could be a wall tapestry--it's just beautiful.
Interesting texture, is this an embroidery patron . I especially like the ducks.
Thanks to everyone for your great comments and support... Krish thanks, I would love to write a tut for this method but I honestly don't know how to write one, but if you ever need any help on this kind of chop just PM me, I will be more than happy to help... Thanks again everyone...
I have just finished the tutorial for this effect for anyone who is interested in this sort of effect. Stained Glass Tutorial

Garden of EdenFunny Garden of Eden
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Like the signpost... one body part at a time
Gaaaafahhhhhhh :Trespassers will be handed..." That's funny schtick

Woman in Eerie EdenFunny Woman in Eerie Eden
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Inspired by Indica's song Eerie Eden
pretty - I like the eye shaped composition here

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