Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy. Member reactions:
His face is good. What the heck is going on with his hand..

Funny Hangin' with Eddie and kid

Hangin' with Eddie and kid
Member reactions:
I loved this composition, then I saw how you chopped the chimp.....
Interesting composition, but perhaps too crowded

Funny Eddie Murphy and Daughter

Eddie Murphy and Daughter

Funny Eddie Murphy Mouth Eyes

Eddie Murphy Mouth Eyes
Member reactions:
excellent. The little Eddie is hilarious.
Like the smile and its replicates all over the face good cascading effect used on the face
Clean and Flawless job done One coming out from the eyar Nice idea

Funny Eddie Munster Searching for a Girl Digital Art

Eddie Munster Searching for a Girl Digital Art
I started with the girl figure and the pic started to evolve and somehow a grown up version of Eddie Munster also materialized, a hairstyle resemblance anyway.
Member reactions:
Welcome to cartoon Hell-eh. Nice work B.R. .
If anyone tells you this isn't the absolute t.ts, they're 100% wrong. Nice job.
Its too Beautiful Alice in wonderland is truly a great fairy tale i like it

Funny Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner at the Acadamy Awards

Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner at the Acadamy Awards
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Member reactions:
I freaking love the Oscar statuette going through Eddie Murphy's ears.
Nice work . . . especially like the composition and Billy C
i tried to show them as joined together ,, because of the deep loyalty of eddie and brett,, thanks everyone,,
Bronze for Pree, congrats. As a bonus you get to host this year's Academy Awards.
Newsy,,, one day my daughter might be there,,, then i wont boycott it..ol
Bronze congratulations preemiememe. . . . funny stuff and very well done

Funny Fighter Eddie Murphy as a Woman

Fighter Eddie Murphy as a Woman
Fighter Murphy
Member reactions:
I think he needs bigger "assets" to make this look convincing.

Funny Eddie Murphy in Kiss Makeup

Eddie Murphy in Kiss Makeup

Funny Eddie Murphy Bowling Ball Head

Eddie Murphy Bowling Ball Head
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Member reactions:
Nice work . . . I recognize that particular face even without the shark teeth . . . .
Thanks Qtrmoonshop, hahaha...yes,you should recognize it...
thanks everybody...Ivan: did you congrats your own self...Nanny:hahaha..i don't have the answer..
One of the best works in the contest. Love the holes in the head Congrats on the bronze, Mr. Black.
Thanks Newsy,Boulpix,Ivan...Ivan:you just make a little mistake..Its okay at all..

Funny Shark Eddie Murphy

Shark Eddie Murphy
Member reactions:
thanks everyone for all comments and votes
Bronzified once again . . . congrats, nice choppin'
Bronze congrats, Ivan. Great to see you again on the podium.

Funny Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy continues to be humorous and crazy at 50 - the star celebrated his big birthday on Sunday, April 3. Making his way up the laughing scale, Murphy initially made his name as a stand-up comic before a stint on Saturday Night Live shot him into the humor stratosphere. Today we present you some interesting facts about Eddie Murphy: * Murphy began his profession early, writing stand-up routines when he was only 15 years old after being inspired by comedian Bill Cosby. * He has dated Halle Berry, Whitney Houston and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. * In June 2007, DNA tests confirmed that Eddie was the father of Mel B's baby - despite Eddie's insistent claims that he wasn't. * In numerous films, Eddie plays multiple roles in addition to his primary character. * Eddie has starred in a lot more sequels than any other actor: Beverly Hills Cop 2 & 3, Another 48 Hrs, Doctor Dolittle 2, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and Shrek 2. * Eddie also started a music career in the 80's where he recorded the popular 'Party All The Time' with Rick James. *, Eddie was once paid $1 per minute as a stand-up comedian. * Murphy admitted he hated facing his 50th birthday, because he'd look like a "creepy old man" if he hits on girls. And here's a quote from Eddie Murphy: "I think in twenty years I'll be looked at like Bob Hope. Doing those president jokes and golf sh*t. It scares me." To mark the 50th birthday of Eddie Murphy, photoshop him any way you wish.

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