China and America at World Economic Conference
China and America at World Economic Conference
China and America at World Economic Conference. China Surpasses U.S. To Become Largest World Economy
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Excellent depiction idea. And Kim Jong Un is running a distant 8 .

Funny New Eurasian Economic Union

New Eurasian Economic Union
Putin Signs Eurasian Economic Union Treaty Ratification
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Great satire, but please try matching the Putin's skin tones of hands and face.
He is working hard to fix old bike and make him drivable. He did not wash his hands after engine cleaning work.

Funny Jeffrey Zients Economic Plan

Jeffrey Zients Economic Plan
Obama Economic Adviser Leaving, Successor Picked
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His economic advisor leaving and is more cautious to his plans. Funky facial expressions seen here

Funny Economic Downturn For Da Vinci Studios

Economic Downturn For Da Vinci Studios
A shame, really.
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This freaking rocks. Da Vinci as a bum, selling his stuff. Many fine details, I truly enjoyed the full view.

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama's Economic Celebration

Barack and Michelle Obama's Economic Celebration
Recession is Over (apparently...)
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Celebrate the recession, which is sorta over. Excellent work

Funny Henry Paulson and the Economic Crisis

Henry Paulson and the Economic Crisis
Henry Paulson is the Treasury Secretary of the United States and subsequently the commander of the National economy. This crap happened under his watch, with his apparent blessings and he is going to leave office with a nice fat pension and not even a slap on the wrist. Maybe somebody will show him this chop and illustrate that there is at least one American that is really, really ... ed off. Sources
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Great job on the chop, but you better upload the sources to your media file and just put a link instead of showing the image.
The pic on the top isn't that hot but the rest's ok .
Thank you very much. You all are the best. Actually, I had posted the source to the media file and then copied and pasted the html code other than the URL code in the comment box. It puts the source right up with the entry. How strange. Where can I find directions on this site for posting source correctly. I spent about 45 mins the other day trying to find something but never did. I know it must be someplace : -->) And yeah, the "flicking finger of god" could use something but I don't know what... maybe a contrast filter and texture. It got all goobered up when I had to smudge out the freckles. Something told me you all were not ready for a freckle handed supreme being heheheheh Thank you
Also add some skin color to Paulson's hands. the body source looks black and white to me.
Hehehehe, that's because the body source was black and white So for you, I added some blue and also changed the gray gloves to skin.
The signs, falling bull, falling bankers, banner are priceless... Perfect timing...
This is cool. Something about the barrel guy bothers me though. Seems like a very fine outline around him in areas with a lighter background. Like forehead and hair, and a little on his left leg front side. Gives him a flatter appearance.
Congrats Hitspinner. Great edits and overall wonderful chop.
congratsssssssssssss hitspinnerrrrrr.. i love this very nice work
Thanks everyone for the input and support.

Funny United States Economic Apocalypse

United States Economic Apocalypse
The Gathering Storm: Just how bad is the credit crisis and how bad could it get. Left: Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Center: President George Bush Right: Ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan
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Beautiful. Would make a nice cover for a news magazine.
Congrat's Mark, very good idea 2x.. Mandrak .
Double congratulations, Rain - this is truly impressive image.
Amazing chop Rainman. All hail the mojo. hehehe. congrats.

Funny Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Plan

Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Plan
Yes we can.
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Hey, you forgot that tiny principality just at the southern tip of Lake Michigan called "Mine" ( cool chop. )
I always assumed he'd get Hawaii. Thanks guys.

Funny Political Economic Monster - Obama and Geithner

Political Economic Monster - Obama and Geithner
The 'Unflappable' Mr. Geithner
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Excellent . The blending of the 3 faces is a bit rough rough

Funny UK economic melt down

UK economic melt down

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