Venus de Milo For Sale on Ebay
Venus de Milo For Sale on Ebay
Venus de Milo For Sale on Ebay. Member reactions:
New Bid-$110.00 and could you fix the arms..Good Job.
Starting bid 1 Euro, hahaha. Brilliant chop.
You were signed in why didn't you bid. Too big for you're Den.

Funny Star Wars Collectables on eBay

Star Wars Collectables on eBay
Still in the original package.
Member reactions:
Looks rather real - good job. Nice to see you back, D-Man.

Funny Lisa Nowak Diaper on eBay

Lisa Nowak Diaper on eBay
Looks like she autographed little Nathan more than just a photo. Think it was a cry for help. Hmmm. Nowak photo rakes in profits on eBay Please view full for clearer image. Thanks.
Member reactions:
Woot. Only two more days to go & they are MINE....
Full view needed. I sold them to Midian. Love the entry.

Funny Google eBay Hybrid

Google eBay Hybrid
FULL View is a must.
Member reactions:
I love it. Full View is a must indeed. "Where everything has a price" and "own it now" still have me chuckling
Just a suggestion,It would probably be "Frooglebay"
One minor thing: in the http address you forgot .com Should be
That's because GOOGLEBAY now owns the internet and did away with "www"s and ".com"s.

Funny Berger on eBay

Berger on eBay
After reading the following news story about a snake thief selling stolen snakes online and getting caught, I could only think of one thing to do with it. Sandy Berger selling the stolen National Archives documents on eBay seemed like a perfect way to raise the money for his fine. Do you think if he gets caught selling stolen documents on eBay that he might actually get a stronger sentence than the slap on the wrist he received. 2 years probation, 100 hours of community service, and $50,000 fine plus $6,905 for the administrative costs of his two-year probation seems like an awfully light sentence. Maybe he'll get an additional 200 hours of community service. Please view the full size or you're going miss just about everything.

Funny ebay

View full to see what he could find on e-bay.
Member reactions:
I like the T-shirt that's one huge monitor you've got there.
Believe it or not, I found all of these items in about half an hour's search on E-bay. Then just some minimal text editing and screenshot pasting. Glad you enjoyed it
Cool picture and good idea,,,but on a Mac . whats up with that

Funny Ebay Shutdown

Ebay Shutdown
Please view full & read article

Funny I Love Ebay Too!

I Love Ebay Too!

Funny Cruise Ship Souvenirs for Sale on eBay

Cruise Ship Souvenirs for Sale on eBay
Cruise Ship Passengers use Red Bags for Porta-Potty Well that's one way to make a buck from a bad situation.
Member reactions:
Good idea of selling the potty bag on Ebay.... Well designed the concept of web site good job done

Funny eBay Food Stamps

eBay Food Stamps
Member reactions:
The idea is freaking hilarious. Going, going,.. SOLD to the fat man bidding.

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