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Funny Eating Pictures

Member reactions:

This one could have taken it all but I bet it went right over the heads of the non domestic US voters.. Very well don and I love the dark humor

How The Hog Ate The CabbageFunny How The Hog Ate The Cabbage
Member reactions:

If you tell someone how the hog ate the cabbage, it means you tell it like it is- tell someone the truth that they probably don't want to hear. This little guy can't read.

Wanted For Eating Homework: WigglesFunny Wanted For Eating Homework: Wiggles
Member reactions:
In some cases, puppies will eat the homework. Wiggles is wanted for such a crime...
A so sweet puppy...I'll forgive it everything
No one will return to you if found, since so cute and adorable little criminal is very lovely

Children Eating BlackfishFunny Children Eating Blackfish
Member reactions:

You got boned on your score. Thought it was a guaranteed win..

Let them eat cakeFunny Let them eat cake
Member reactions:

Why work harder. Let the Government just feed us.
HA. "Serves those poor B******s right. Ain't that right Joe."
He drink wine on Labour day and the people should eat cake only .... on this comment Biden become very angry nice facial expression shown in this chop
Clever placement of all object, nicely managed to the storyline

Let's EatFunny Let's Eat
Member reactions:

The cat is very happy because it get at list one cap
Funky cat.... can not wait to lick its stuff

Don't eat it!Funny Don't eat it!
Member reactions:

Very funny good transformation of the events... Like the concept of Saving the President
Good idea, good job. I wouldn't deformed his face though.... But that's me....
Maybe you're right,Ariel9.Refresh the page and take a look ... .
Congrads on the cup, nice use of source image.
I laughed hard at this one. White House security in action, . Congrats on the bronze, gugu.

Sarah ate candiesFunny Sarah ate candies
Member reactions:

Could do with a neck and a double chin in my humble opinion

Adele Eating BreakfastFunny Adele Eating Breakfast
Member reactions:

Denise Richards Denies Eating DisorderFunny Denise Richards Denies Eating Disorder
Member reactions:

Denise Richards denies eating disorder Denise Richards is Charlie Sheen's former wife.
And another Congrats Mr. Paul, x3... Charlie's reflection a great touch
Thanks, rajeshtar...thanks, eric...thanks, UncleChamp...thanks, HH...thanks, G-Man.

Eating Disorders - Anorexia and BulimiaFunny Eating Disorders - Anorexia and Bulimia - Eating disorders are not just for teenagers anymore. Doctors say about 5% of adult population are suffering from either anorexia or bulimia. The other 95% are enjoying it. In this contest we are going to show that celebrities and politicians can be anorexic and bulimic at the same time. You are asked to photoshop celebrities and politicians with their right side suffering from bulimia, and the left side suffering from anorexia (or vice versa).

Eating with AnimalsFunny Eating with Animals - It's no longer a surprise to have our beloved 4-legged pets at the kitchen table with us, even if these 4 legs belong some 2,500 lbs buffalo with the size of a Volkswagen car. More classic pets - cats and dogs - sharing a meal with us seems like a natural thing to do. The bottom line is we love our pets and we want to treat them. In this contest you are asked to photoshop animals eating with people in various forms (at the table or otherwise).

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