One Eyed Purple People Eater
One Eyed Purple People Eater
One Eyed Purple People Eater. Original Drawing
Member reactions:
Love it. Great colored texture and a fabulous rendition that really maintained the 2nd grade look. Congrats on the Cup LunaC.
Great Title and another splendid re-creation. Congrats on the 2fer, LunaC.

Funny Crystal Snail Earth Eater

Crystal Snail Earth Eater
Member reactions:
Very interesting Topic Selection Looks very beautiful
nice concept and color combination is amazing
Very impressive. I think all snail lovers would adore this one.
Bronze congrats, opcrom. Great to see you on the podium again.
Grand, elegant style, Opcrom. Congratulations on winning the Bronze Trophy and Pic of the Day..
I am proud and pleased to be back on the podium. Thank you for voting for me and for choosing this as picture of the day.
Ohhh very nice integration of layers and composition......
Gorgeous. I loved it from the first view ... congratulations..

Funny The Papaya Eater Pop Art

The Papaya Eater Pop Art
The Papaya Eater
Member reactions:
It kinda looks like "MAX HEADROOM" cool work
Thought this would do better on originality alon. Great job

Funny Little Boy Sword Eater

Little Boy Sword Eater
Member reactions:
Love how you did the billboard, and the big boy standing behind it is also impressive. Missed your chops, Slixta.

Funny Ant Eater Camouflage

Ant Eater Camouflage
Member reactions:
Great camo blending. it ANT easy.
Woody for Slixta and his long-tongued friend. Congrats.

Funny Over-eaters Anonymous

Over-eaters Anonymous
This was really fun. Too many layers involved in order to pull it off. Hope everyone likes it.
Member reactions:
, the cheeks.

Funny Daniel Craig in the Brain Eaters

Daniel Craig in the Brain Eaters
In a world filled with BRAIN EATERS... The new 007 fears nothing.

Funny One eyed purple people eater.

One eyed purple people eater.
Member reactions:
would of been better to leav off the horns but still vary nice.
Actually it should only have one horn. "One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater."
Supposed to have only one horn according to the song. Do it right the first time, then you won't have to do it again...........

Funny Ant Eater

Ant Eater
My uncle says it was the best investment he has ever made...

Funny Fire Eater

Fire Eater
Member reactions:
I wonder if this guy ever gets heartburn.I think he does.

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