What did you eat Mr.President ?
What did you eat Mr.President ?
What did you eat Mr.President ?.

Funny Drowning Islam Eating It's Own

Drowning Islam Eating It's Own
Will French Deep 6 Islam
Member reactions:
I am glad he is in America, you have managed to shut him up.
He still has tentacles unfortunately
Fish with islamic bait is superlative. Excellent chop.
TY Lucianomorelli. Swashbuckle, Craftyone, and Christine
Jere. You should give me half for going easy on ya hahahahaha Thanks Jere, SS and Doc
His family cost UK a fortune in Benefits.
Great job (especially the fish). Congrats on the Silver.
I bet Christine. From what I gather, the MO with these idiots is to go to different countries and get on welfare and get the citizens of the host countries to pay for their own deaths in a twisted sort of way. Some people have no honor and in this case they shame their precious Allah by such ignoble actions
Artistic chop, congrats on the silver, Hits.
Congrats Tim. This is amazing. That fish like creature is really cool too.
Congratulations. Your images keep me real...

Funny Eating carrots

Eating carrots

Funny When in London I eat at Queenies

When in London I eat at Queenies
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha excellent. What a handsome man. I must commend you on a beautiful and exotic build. The colors explode...
Nice, but her hat is too small campared to what she is used to.
She does wear big hats hahahahahaa but that handsome guy just does this whole chop for me hahha

Funny You are what you eat

You are what you eat
Everyone knows that you are what you eat, people's health are based on what they eat. Just this week another news reminds us that
Member reactions:
thanks to all of you guys, im just warming up

Funny The Pope Eats In A Cafeteria

The Pope Eats In A Cafeteria
The Pope pays a surprise visit to a cafeteria
Member reactions:
HAT-TRICK. Quality work the hard way. Congratulations x 3.
I think I know some Italians here Congrats on the wood too, Paul. 3 out of 4 ain't bad
Dali for sale in a cafeteria . Wood congrats

Funny Barack Obama Eating Fish

Barack Obama Eating Fish
Eating fish makes you smart.
Member reactions:
short cut lunch and she save the time for other work smart lady....
The fish counting picture in the background combined with a goofy look of Obama's face really sells this image for me.
Great reflections here. Demo that superstition is not truth.

Funny Mutant Fish Eats a Great White Shark

Mutant Fish Eats a Great White Shark
Something in the ocean is eating Great White Sharks
Member reactions:
very interesting article.. Great creature,,
The creature is saying "I only got eyes for you, babe." Xcellent.
Thanks, G-Man. Had a lot of fun with this one.

Funny Fat Captain America Eating a Hamburger

Fat Captain America Eating a Hamburger
Member reactions:
Winner, winner, hamburger dinner. Throw some American cheese on that boiger Great chop Captain Excellent.
Poor Captain ... Burgers were betters in 40's
Gggggold CONGRATULATIONS, Jeremix. It is one of the pest art in Freaking News.
Congrats. Easily the gold - nice touch with the condiment smear...
To say this is a genius chop is to say nothing. Many things American in this one pack of a chop.
thank you very much. i'm glad you all liked it. AJSubrosa, the smear came with the face, so i can't really take credit for that.

Funny Fat Michelle Obama Eating KFC

Fat Michelle Obama Eating KFC

Funny Eating Disorders - Anorexia and Bulimia

Eating Disorders - Anorexia and Bulimia
Eating disorders are not just for teenagers anymore. Doctors say about 5% of adult population are suffering from either anorexia or bulimia. The other 95% are enjoying it. In this contest we are going to show that celebrities and politicians can be anorexic and bulimic at the same time. You are asked to photoshop celebrities and politicians with their right side suffering from bulimia, and the left side suffering from anorexia (or vice versa).

Funny Eating with Animals

Eating with Animals
It's no longer a surprise to have our beloved 4-legged pets at the kitchen table with us, even if these 4 legs belong some 2,500 lbs buffalo with the size of a Volkswagen car. More classic pets - cats and dogs - sharing a meal with us seems like a natural thing to do. The bottom line is we love our pets and we want to treat them. In this contest you are asked to photoshop animals eating with people in various forms (at the table or otherwise).

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